Washington and Oregon coast with your Model S

Now that the supercharger network extends all the way down the coast from Vancouver to LA, my wife asks- what if we want to go to the coast?

Anyone have a favorite place to stay on the coast where you are allowed to charge?

darn it. I meant the SC goes down I5, but what if you want to visit the actual coast?

Surfsand in Cannon Beach will let you plug into 110. You can walk to most things. Trying to talk them into installing a 14-50.

Sailshan south of Lincoln City has a 14-50 outlet for charging golf carts that they will let you use. Great place--amazing beach!

Woodburn SChg to Salem to Lincoln City down the coast to Florence to Eugene/Springfield SChg is a comfortable 216 miles.

We took our Model S (P85) to Manzanita, just South of Cannon Beach. Left from Bellevue, topped off at the Supercharger in Centralia, drove to Cannon Beach where we plugged in on a J1772 at the Cannon Beach RV Resort. Walked into town, had lunch, had a nice walk on the beach then headed to Manzanita. On the return trip we decided to get a little juice at Cannon Beach even though we really didn't need it. The charging station was not working so the manager of the rv resort let us plug in at an RV spot (14-50) for free. Stopped again at Centralia supercharger on the way home. Great fun!

Chargers at Cannon Beach RV Resort are Aerovironment. There is a number you can call on the charger if you don't have a fob.
+1 (888) 833-2148

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