What would be cool to see on the next version of the tesla model s

1. Solar panel roof
2. Bidirectional charger (like on detroit electric's sp:01)
3. Swappable batteries (so you dont have to wait hours to recharge, you could instead go to a theoretical tesla swapping station and be ready to go in seconds)
4. Camera on the back of the car to make tight maneuvering easier
5. 4G lte enabled central tablet

And, of course, these additions will significantly raise manufacturing and base price which is why the changes should only be made for the highest end possible

@alan@audiogeer and others asked for:

> an insert in the center console, instead of one big open wasteland?

There are already two nice options, one from Tesla (Summer 2013) and another from Tesla Accessories (available now).

> a section in in the windshield that accommodated RF devices? the UV coating on the windshield is so strong that no remote works through it

Are you talking about a garage door or automatic gate remote? The existing Homelink menu can be programmed to do that for you (up to three locations). Try it. FastTrak / EzPass transponders are another story however. They usually don't work well through the Tesla windshield (and many other cars).

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