Wheel well liner pulled off

After the big Chicago storm the other day, my driver's side wheel well liner pulled off and is folded like a taco between the upper rear part of the tire and the wheel well. It is sticking out partially as well. The car is driving fine (except for the tire rubbing sound). Tesla is coming out tomorrow to fix it (and hopefully my cracked windshield as well). Just growing pains, I guess.

How did it get pulled off? Did it get snagged on something?

This was discussed in the snow thread. The wheel well liners are made of a cheap hardened felt material that absorbs water, and causes mud and slush to stick rather than slough off. It is probably intended to deaden sound compared to the plastic/abs used in most cars, and is lighter. However it cannot hold up to snow or ice accumulation. This is the second report of this on the forum. I had to remove my rear liners as part of installing the hitch, and was surprised at how hard they are to clean. I love my S, but in bad weather, the 4wd pickup truck will remain my choice. I would never drive this car in snow or ice after getting close and personal with the wheel well liners.

So are you saying if snow and ice builds up then the weight pulls and rips the liner off?

Good to no I guess, but in snowy, and icy weather, I already had the habit of kicking of the built up snow and ice in the wheel wells of my old car. So hopefully, it's not a problem that happens on short distances.

It is a felt/Mat like material, quite stiff and a very large surface area to adhere to snow. This was likely an unexpected design error and should be changed to a smooth plastic, and for sound dampening it can be padded on its interior surface. I hope they recall it.


I thought I knew my internet stuff, but I had to look that up.

How do I post a pic from an I phone?

Andrew, easiest way is to email it to yourself, save it, and post it from the computer.

Would spraying the "Neverwet" on the wheel well liner fix this problem?

@Andrew18 - use the Flickr app on the iPhone to upload it, grab the share code (I think you need to go to the flickr site, I couldn't find a way to get it in the app) and paste it here.


If it ever releases to the public, you should try it out and answer that question!! I would like to know myself.

Sprays won't work because it is a permeable surface - feels like hardened felt. It accumlates sand, and mud and slush naturally stick to it.

Andrew, I will be looking out for the same problems. I think you have your MS ~ 2 months before me, so far no problems except for a few software bugs that show up infrequently.

Andrew18 is your car the one that was going to be looked at by Tesla Service in Chicago today? I called because I wanted to see how many they had seen with this problem so far. They said they had one with this problem coming in but it was the only one they had seen so far. I would be interested in what the extent of the damage/repair was.

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