White, Black or Blue?

I must lock in my final decision tomorrow. Help me with the color choice.

You are going to basically get all types of opinions on colors... go with your gut. That being said, Black is quite classy when clean and polished (nose cone and pano roof match as well). This coming for a Black/Black Leather owner. :)

You can't go wrong with any decision!

I got black but I saw the blue at the King of Prussia, PA show room and it was awesome. Very dark, rich color. Is it extra cash??

Those are all safe colors for any luxury sedans.

On the other hand, if you feel adventurous then go with RED all the way.

I love my grey, but I was also considering the blue and I still think it looks great.

@FrankenWC; yes, $750 for the blue, but she sure is pretty...

Still Grinning ;-)

Blue with the tan interior with Matte finish is awesome!

Brown with tan. Classy elegant and uncommon. Sounds terrible looks fantastic in person.

I saw my first Red this weekend. It was amazing. Absolutely beautiful. The contrast between the Silver 19's, the black nosecone and the black of the Pano roof made the Red that much Redderrrrrr. I have Pearl White and its so deep and bright. I would have had to wait on Red. If I had known how "HOT" it was when I got mine, I would have waited the wait everyone had to wait to get the first reds. I don't think you could be unhappy with RED. I have White and I would vote Red.

I swung back and forth between pearl and black, until I gave the car a name - Ninja - so black it is!

So if you'd like to give the car a name, the name may help you find the color :-)

@bob: +1
..and I own white!

I can also pick the options for the luxury car you're going to buy. Let me know!

I was in the same situation as you. I end up picking white with pano roof and black leather interior. It's the pano and black interior sold my wife on the color. Blue was her first choice but we like the color contrast from the pano and white. Of course, you can't go wrong with those choices.

By default (and default only), roadsters should be black, Model S's white and the Gen III's should be blue. This was practically written in the stars.

I ordered mine yesterday (white) and confirmed the order this afternoon. However, 3 hours later, I changed my mind. I want RED (my wife thought it was really cool). So I called and emailed. Hopefully, they will be able to changed the color. If not, I will be totally happy with white - because it is a TESLA!!!

Just picked up my white/tan with CF interior, pano, and spoiler. Love the color and contrast.


It's silly enough that OP wants a bunch of deranged, obsessive strangers to pick his color for him but you can't even stick to the three he's considering? :-)

Black.. Looks awesome when clean. Saves money on initial buy.

@jtodtman - Opinions are free in this forum and the OP is getting plenty of it here. If a prospective owner can't decide between 3 color choices, what's 1 or 5 more? ;)

Well, monkeys are fickle. /;)

I LOVE my metallic pearl. At dusk it glows.

@Mathew & Brian H

My bad.

@teslamonkey. Why aren't you considering the green?

@Mathew & Brian H

My bad.

@teslamonkey. Why aren't you considering the green?

I"m like emoflash--I got the blue with tan interior and matte finish. Spectacular. I punched up the wheel centers with red inserts available from one of the Tesla owners.

I've seen the white and think it looks great--especially with black interior. :)...ask the man who owns one..

Blue looks like black in anything other than full sunlight.

Mine is blue

Black on black for us also. Her name is Gertrude

Just ask anyone who has seen one. (or as JPPTM so aptly put it, owns one!)

I had considered the Blue. Then a Tesla showroom guy pointed out that the blue mostly looks black except when in lots of light and when well washed. In normal day-day accumulated haze it will just look like a dull black. He really recommended the brown or grey instead if you want a somewhat lighter color than black.

After than I noticed the same thing on the freeway. Newly washed Black or Blue Model Ses looked awesome. But most of them looked kinda dull.

The brown or grey models show well and of course the RED is killer if you can handle that look.

The white is pretty nice IF you like the contrast with the nose cone. I consider the nose cone as boring and uninspired, so I'm trying to find a color that hides it as much as possible.

Signature Red is the PERFECT color, alas no longer an option... :-(

Always bet on black!

(I have red, and I don't want any more people getting it! Black was my second choice. It looks awesome when clean.)

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