Who gets the first S in WA?

Who is going to get the first model S in Washington ? My number is 296 for a signature S that is due in August . Someone must have a lower number than that and has made the big commitment. What reg number and date do you have?

I'm S 564. I was quoted September, but I have a friend who is S 8xx whose contract says August.

I'm Sig #267 and my MVPA agreement quoted a September delivery. Hoping that it is sooner though. If you look here:

The lowest Sig # in WA on that map is Sig #154 for someone out in the Novelty Hill area.

Now you have me worried, I live in Edmonds and am not on the map! Thanks for this info, very interesting.

You all get yours before me. <sigh>. I'm Sig 703, PMVPA says September, but I'm REALLY hoping it will be late August. Under promise, over deliver!!


the map is created by people on the forum. If you would like to be put on the map go here:

Send a Personal Message to Robert Boston on the Forum. He will place the pin for your car. It's a voluntary thing, so only the people who have asked to be on map are visible.

Ok, I couldn't resist. sig #23 here on the east side. As you already know, the founders run is now in production with the sigs to follow. I'm betting on mid aug. My sales cntact confirmed it--the number, at least. I guess we will wait and see how the delivery dates unfold.


Congrats! It's going to be hard to beat that number. Very jealous! Please let us know when you get a solid delivery date!

Any word yet?

Nope, but I'm anticipating delivery of the charger as the sign that the delivery date will follow. No charger yet.

FYI - The first Washington State Model S delivery happened this weekend! I do know it was a Pearl White car that was delivered out of the Seattle/Bellevue store. I don't know if it was a Founders car or if it was a production car or what reservation number it was. But we can say that Washington State has it's first Model S on the road!

Thats awsome!

Great news, sure would love to know who and what feedback on the delivery experience was.


Hi, any delivery yet on your Sig #23?

My SSL VIN #32 was delivered today in the Redmond/Bear Creek area. It's gorgeous! Several area Roadster owners came by to watch the sedan as it was unloaded. Very exciting. Look for my Signature Red S on the road and give me a wave!

Congratulations, Karen! Can't wait to join you!

Oh cool, maybe I'll see you around somewhere on the east side! Enjoy it!

KarenB, Please let us know about your experience with the car.

The good news, just got notified of deliver dates, TM says target is sometime between sept 29 thru OCT 18. I will get confirmation 2 wks prior to delivery. I am having them deliver to my home in Edmonds.

The bad news, the HPC may not be available until after delivery. they suggest I may have to have a temp solution and then have the electrician come back to redo for final. I said that would be unacceptable.

Signature S #296

Update to the bad news mentioned above - talked with my electrician and he can do 90% of the work installing the temporary power solution so I am feeling better. Should be good to go.

Received my initial delivery contact email last night. Window for Regular Sig #267 is October 8-22nd. Delivery will be to my home in Redmond. HPWC is supposed to be shipping in November. Also Tesla will be registering the Model S for us, so they needed a copy of my drivers license and current insurance card to do so.

No VIN number yet. Also I was asked if I would like a front license plate installed at the time of delivery (I opted in for it). If not, they can install it later at the local service center. They also noted that Washington State law requires a front license plate.

The wait is almost over!

Cool! What color is yours going to be?

Also going back a bit, I had mentioned elsewhere seeing a white Model S in August. It's probably the one mentioned by blurry_eyed in this thread as being delivered just before July 31st.

I am happy to report that I will be taking delivery of my Red Sig S on this coming Saturday or Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No sleep until then. :) Happy Dance Time !!!

Congrats JimBl! Curious, what is your VIN#?

Awesome! Congrats JimBl!

Congrats Jim!

Hoping to join you by the end of the year - P2159.

vin number sans first 12 characters is 00335. TM is going to have a town car pick up my wife and I to take us to seattle service center since they are not able to deliver to my home in Edmonds. (schedule conflict with delivery van)



I've been given VIN # 532, still waiting for an update on delivery as I'm in my window right now between October 8-22nd.

Last night at Bellevue Square, I saw a Red Model S pull into the parking garage where the Tesla reserved section is. Then when I was leaving the mall with the family, we saw the same Red Model S pulling out right at the same time the Black test drive car was pulling out, very nice!

I was just going to ask if any of the WA State deliveries with a window of Oct 22-Nov 5 got a VIN yet. Our credit union is just waiting on the VIN.

Who did you get the VIN from and did you initiate the contact?

Also, our CU is wondering about coordination of titling. I got the impression that Tesla was going to do it but the CU offers the service as well.

If Tesla does it then it seems that they would have to coordinate with the CU to get the proper lienholder info on the paperwork.

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