Will Hybrid vehicles with a range extender (Chevrolet Volt / Opel Ampera) ever be of any competition to Tesla Motors EV's sales?

At the moment these Hybrid vehicles with a range extender have an all electric range that is way too little. The capacity of the battery is also very small (16 kWh). What if these vehicles with a range extender would get a battery with a larger capacity (85 kWh)?

The bottom line is that people will buy what will suit them best, at the most affordable price. We should keep that in mind.

Every year the development of the battery technology is 8%. Not only for Tesla Motors but for all car companies.

I would like to see your opinion/view on this topic. Let's have a look in the (near) future.


I think Volt/Model S household will be common in coming years in the upper middle class, the big earner will drive the Model S and Volt will be secondary or for trips into the wilds. Yes they will drastically cut fuel bills and reduce pollution. I think it is a great combination for many families (american made and sedan capacity).

I only need one sedan and will replace my Mercedes with a Model S as it approaches the end of its service life (it is approaching 260k miles - estimate will put 20k more miles on it before MS), but my fun cars (sports cars) will be ICE till Model R comes out (will replace my classic Firebird now with 195k miles). The truely rare ICE cars I have, Mera and Delorean, I will not replace even when petrol rises above $7.50 per gallon as I do not drive them a lot anyway.


I think if people are going to have a Hybrid for long distance driving in addition to the S as the daily driver, that the Prius would be a better choice than the Volt, as the Prius gets much better gas mileage. The Volt would be a poor choice as a "distance driver" because only 35-50 miles would be electric only, and it probably wouldnt be charged at all during the trip, and the gas mileage would be in the 30's for the duration...

There's some mention on complexity of hybrids:the Prius has proven itself as one of the most reliable cars over years now, so that's not correct. On the other hand, I've never owned a litium-ion battery that hasn't degraded significantly with time.

I would love a Tesla S with half the battery and a small (30-40hp) hypereffective, silent extender charging the battery. When going for a longer time it could run continuously at optimal rpms. I doubt this would weight more than the S does today.

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