will you go with standard suspension or air suspension

I would like take a poll

air suspension Or standard suspension

Air (24)

standard (2)

undecided (1)


undecided -- I need to test-drive each to decide whether the higher upfront cost plus the higher potential maintenance cost (including the inconvenience of experiencing a break-down) is worth the obvious advantages of a smoother ride and adjustable ride height.

ddruz and solar;
Wassamatta? Don't wanna spring for the air? So to speak....

In reply to jerry3 in this thread:

If Tesla offers to extend the service plan beyond four years without changing conditions and pricing, I'm all-in on air suspension without hesitation! However, I have my doubts. It's one of those ideas that have that "too good to be true" smell to them.


This is one of the risks of being a first adopter. I've done reasonably well with my other first adoptions and I think there's a reasonable chance of success here--even if the air suspension seems to have a lot of shortcomings compared to the DS-21 suspension.

In any event, it's like the pano roof--if you don't get it you'll be hating yourself for as long as you own the car.

jerry3, I agree wrt the pano roof. Regarding air suspension, I currently remain undecided. I think it may as well be possible that I'm gonna hate myself for getting it -- if/when it breaks down, forces some "down-time" on the car, and costs serious money to restore the car to a drivable state.

OK, I'll vote: Air

I'm getting a Performance, and I think Air comes with it, but I would have wanted it anyway. More for the adjustable clearance than the ride.

Air for sure.


My main concern in that area is that it's from Continental.

Standard. It'll be a commute car on smooth roads.


Air for my Production Model S

Air - after having it on my MB GL320, no other way to go - especially since it is the only way to get ride height adjustment - almost everyone will eventually face a ramp or speed hump that will whack the bottom.

Its mercedes-air. rumor has it they help that part of the design. get the air, its a dream.


was never a question in my mind


Air (40)

standard (4)

undecided (3)

No Pano
No regrets.

Air (42)

standard (4)

undecided (3)

I think the ability to raise the car for steep inclines or driveways makes this a necessity that is worth the long term risk, but I will be selling my Model S before the warranty expires so it's an easier decision for me.

Ive been mulling this over for a while, I like the idea of the air suspension but am concerned with reliability and cost of repair, however since I want the performance version it seems like a no brainer.

Air for me.


Air (44)

standard (4)

undecided (3)

Air, despite the fact you're going to lose one end of the car at some point within the first four years if this is indeed the same system that MB uses. It's not cheap to fix but the smooth ride is one of the few things people comment on when riding in my MB. It does a great job insulating the occupants from road vibration. Suck it up, your derrière deserves it.

Is air suspension covered by the warranty? if so, then nothing to worry about as long as you buy extended coverage.

I am getting air and feel even better about it now with the extended warranty.

Air, mainly for the automatic leveling & high-speed height adjustment. However, I am concerned about the (possible?) misconception that it can save you from bottoming out. When it has happens to me (in my normal car), it is usually when pulling into an unfamiliar driveway. By the time you realize it, it's too late to even stop, let alone take your hands from the steering wheel, sift through the UI and hit the right setting.

Talking to the local TM showroom rep, the air suspension doesn't seem to react fast enough to save you in those situations.

Anybody have any more insight into response time and how it knows how to adjust iteself? Is it based on radar / sonar / laser ground proximit sensors? Sudden pressure changes in the bellows? Accelerometer?

If the self-levelling works to keep your car flat relative to gravity, then it would really act strange when parked on a steep hill.

Anybody had a test drive where they hit a pothole / speedbump at speed to see how it performs?

Air (48)

standard (4)

undecided (3)

+1 jchangyy

Given the extended warranty/service plan option, I'm now much more likely to go with air. For the record, in the current count I'm included as "undecided".

Air (49)

standard (4)

undecided (3)

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