Work force capable vehicles in Tesla?

Making cars from Tesla more affordable is one of the things on your list as I know, but maybe instead or concluding a smaller "city car" make a type of truck. Now this may seem strange at first heck it may be impossible but that has not stopped you before! Trucks are always needed and wanted some groups are excluded of course but the worst mileage vehicles are trucks, and they have suck a potential; I think there is so much it could move you up to boldly walking to a sprint. Price would and will be a issue for an electric truck at first, but because of your all wheel drive configuration, you can make a fully capable (Bear with me here.) off-road electric vehicle. Keeping the base price around the same as the Model S you can change the way people think and feel of the electric vehicle with one strikingly bold blow.
Now with a price around the starting of the Model S you have people that by higher model trucks and Ford Raptor buyers in your grasp and changing so many expectations of anything that you or anyone else can do with an electric powered vehicle. I live in Texas and many of us call our state "truck country" everyone that does has some type of American pick-up truck, or the so called "SUV" versions. Just like the Model X breaking the challenges of SUV's and Mini-Vans, the same thing can be done with the Truck.
When affordability comes into place it can be the new leader of the work force, giving the profit that you need; even though I fully respect how you are building up the reputation as well. But with this it can lead you on a smother passage to making electric vehicles of all sorts to everyone and anyone, heck I bet you can even convince the gov. to change that Cadillac into a Tesla! (Just joking but i'm just leaving it out there.)

Could this truck be built on the same platform (skateboard) as the Model S and the Model X? Then this truck would be a new variant possibility, just like the station wagon variant. And that is a good idea.

I say: "The more Tesla cars to choose from, the better it will be for all of us"!

Pick-up truck is definitely one of the incoming variants of the S platform. Problem with those is the poor aerodynamics and, with cargo, high rolling resistance, so they will not have very good operational range unless they also have very large battery. I think Tesla is holding that back until tech allows that big battery without it being insanely expensive.

Maybe to be realised in 2020?

A pickup is likely by 2016 or so. It wouldn't be a challenge to design and build. I'd think 85kWh would be the smallest battery you'd want to put in it, tho'. So expense is an issue.

That's why 2016 is too early. In 2020 there will be more advanced batteries which will be cheaper, I think.

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