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19" or 21" wheels?

Does anybody have some strong opinions regarding the choice to go for 19" or 21" wheels? I live in Norway and our roads definitely don´t have a top standard, with risk of holes and lots of speed bumps etc. The 21" look great on the car, but for me it would maybe just be a waste and a great risk of wounds to the wheels larger risk of puncturing?

I have reserved a Performance-model, but then again maybe the 19" wheels with "winter-tires" don´t have the same friction at all, and the acceleration of 4,4s 0-60 could be more like 5,6s like the standard 85kw version or maybe even slower? Any other advantages or disadvantages I should consider before making the choice?

Im in Texas, NO MO GAS!!:) I want to get a set of the 21inch turbines (grey). I'm willing to trade my 19 inch sliver wheels and some cash for turbines. Any takers?

When I floor the accelerator on my P85 with 19in wheels, the tires squeal. Even if I am not at standstill (maybe 5-10 mph). When I test drove the P85 with 21's that didn't happen, they could take all the torque. Anyone else find this? My tires are not going to last long at this rate :)

@Captain I just got the 19" Rial Lugano's in gunmetal titanium grey. They look very close to the turbines. Look them up if you are interested. I loved the 21 turbines but went with 19's stock when i found the Luganos. They look awesome on the car.

I also prefer the look of the turbines and the 21", but 19" is way lore practical for the crappy Belgian roads and all the cobbled streets in Brussels.

Those Lugano's look great, I wonder if they can be bought in Europe?

I'm planning to go with the stock 19" then buy a set for winter wheels. €2500 is ridiculously expensive for the 19" cyclone upgrade, I can't imagine they cost much more than the standard 19" so Tesla's taking the piss IMO.

A no brainer. 19" is by far the best option. You will look cool outside your house with the 21", but 19 is much smoother, way more quiet and you will not regret this choise at all.
Working partially w tires, i have the experience.
This also regards to other cars as well, my 20" on my MB-S is just not functional on the car and are for sale:) 18 for the Benz is what came out best and 19" is absolutely the best for the Tesla...

Tradeoffs ... u need to decide what's best for you.

I have a set of 21's (grey) on P85. 12K miles on them with the conti's (but I probably should have replaced by 10K miles). The performance wheel + tire makes for rigid/tight cornering. There is little give, and pretty good "road feel". For a performance family sedan, this has been nothing short of spectacular.

I also bought a set of the silver Rial Luganos (19's). Also, 19 conti DWS (all season performance tires). The ride is much softer/quieter. The tire is vastly more durable and seems to handle the bumps in the road a LOT better. They work GREAT with routine driving. Driving straight on a well maintained road will give little perceptible difference. The difference is in higher speed cornering. There is more give, and you don't get quite the road feel.

I will keep both sets and change 'em out periodically (only $20 to mount all 4 wheels locally and another $20 for balancing!!!)

I choise 19" because of the bad roads in Norway and it is much more quiet then the 21". My first test drive was with 21", and I was surprised of the roadnoise in the car. The second time I tested the car it was with 19" and it was much more quiet. One of the best part of Model S is the quiet part.


@crazybrit: A lot of that is the tires. Put the sticky summer rubber from the 21"s on the 19"s instead of the all-seasons and I bet most or all of the squealing is gone.


I'm in Switzerland and found out that Rial, a german manufacturer, produces the Luganos in Poland... They also did a specific Tesla Model S configuration for Tire Rack USA... but not for Europe so far (that should be coming in 2014). Knowing what might happen with snow and back orders I ordered four Luganos for my S (which isn't even here yet) in October when they must have been somewhere on a ship mid-atlantic westbound. Last week they arrived in Indiana and were FedExed back to Europe, by air this time. Just got them today and they must have 10'000 miles in the clock... though non from the road ;-)

andy, Mr. Hansen;

I LOVE my 21" wheels BUT I live in Denver and have to be practical. So I bought an extra set of 19" wheels (the local Tesla service center had extras they sold at a nice discount) and will have winter tires mounted on them - to drive safely and conserve the 21" rubber. I also had my 21" wheels powder coated a matte black to my liking, so I want to preserve the wheels as well. I have driven my car during the summer with both the 19" & 21" and both drive quite nicely but there is a definite edge toward the 21" for highway driving. Driving my 21" wheels in the season's first real snow today I felt they were not as sure footed as I would like to have for our winters.

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