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Allentown Supercharger

I came across a posting on some Tesla-related site (I can't find it now) stating that the Tesla supercharger in Allentown (actually, Whitehall, Pa) is scheduled to be "approved" by the local municipality on August 11. Anybody have any additional information on this? A supercharger in the Allentown area would be huge for a lot of people, I think.


"The Tesla Application was recommended for approval by the Planning
Commission at their July 16th meeting. It will now move to the Board of Commissioners for formal approval at their August 11th meeting."

All for installing a glorified power outlet on private property in a designated parking space... It requires a planning commission and a board of commissioners, apparently. These people need to find something more productive to do with their lives than stand in the way of progress. It's just unbelievable.

Allentown is a great location for a SC and I hope the paper-pusher-do-nothings will deliver their divine blessing soon so Tesla can install the SC power receptacle.

SamO, thanks for your response. And Web_Surfr, I couldn't agree more. The process takes too long. Here's an interesting link on the process behind setting up a supercharger.

It is not a big deal for Tesla and has not caused problems. I think it was in Edison where the board required additional screening be added to the proposal. Standard stuff, and they plan locations long in advance. Just a formality and localities give their citizens a voice.

Putting in a NEMA 14-50 outlet at your own house - even when you do it yourself - requires a permit in many jurisdictions. I can see why a supercharger in a commercial location would need a permit. Parking spaces are also heavily regulated by government - total amount, handicapped, etc.

Developers have been complaining about the process for years, and I'm sure many would agree the process should be streamlined. There are others that will say the process has protected neighbors or done other things for the general good. Many people have gone to jail messing with the process - there are often high stakes involved.

+1 Tes-s

Please say it's so!
Our trips from Philly to Wilkes-Barre are just about the only one my husband and I worry about being a pain, as the house we visit for the weekend ~8 times/year has street-only parking. (Extension cord across the sidewalk?)

PhillyGal, Allentown would be perfect for you!!

Also, PhillyGal, what about the Chargepoint chargers nearby Wilkes-Barre, using your J1772 adapter? Check out this location. Not sure if it helps. Found it on the website

237-239 Rutter Ave
Kingston, PA
1.30 miles to Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA
Level 2, J1772, 6.6 kW: Available
Level 2, J1772, 6.6 kW: Available

WillEric, you've made my night by saying to use "my J1772".
I'm only a Wannabe owner as of yet, hoping to change that in the upcoming year.

But yes, we would probably try to visit a charger such as that one should we obtain the car sooner than an Allentown supercharger. Thanks for the tip!

You're welcome PhillyGal. Keep in mind, of course, that the chargepoint stations are not nearly as fast as the supercharger, but if you charge for a few hours, you'll have enough to get back to Philly (assuming you have some remaining miles from your ride up to WB).

Anyway, if you order your car now, it will take a few months for delivery. By that time, the Allentown SC should be up and running.

Is there any chance the the A-town Supercharger will be operational by Labor Day?

i don't think construction has even started there. i thought NJ is slow.. PA is worse

Here's a response I got from Tesla after the Whitehall Board of Commissioners approved the land development plan for the supercharger:

"Thank you for contacting Tesla Motors Technical Support. We are glad that the construction of a supercharger in Whitehall, PA was approved, but unfortunately at this time we are uncertain when the construction will begin. It is also unclear how many stalls will be at this newly approved supercharger as of now. Our website is your best resource for up to date information about upcoming superchargers. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact Technical Support 24/7 at or by phone at 1-877-79-Tesla (83752)"

I was a little frustrated by this response, because was obviously not the "best resource" for updated information, given that the site had no information at all about the planning and approval process. I sent a follow-up inquiry to a week or so ago, and have heard nothing.

Apparently, the supercharger will be located near the JC Penny store at the Lehigh Valley Mall. Don't live in that area. Would be curious if anyone near the mall has seen any signs of construction.

Over at TMC, the latest post on the Allentown thread has a photo of what might be a trailer related to the SC installation. The poster believed that this trailer looked "[s]imilar in size to trailers that have typically popped up at other sites before the big stuff comes in."

That post was about a week ago. If anyone in that area has anything new to report, let us know.

Put one in Williamsport PA and then you have something for criss-crossing PA.

"Put one in Williamsport PA and then you have something for criss-crossing PA."

Right! That would enable both E/W (I-80 & I-180) and N/S (Route 15) arteries. In one location you enable NYC to Cleveland/Chicago and DC/Baltimore to Upstate NY/Finger Lakes.

Hi, Guys;

An intrepid young associate producer from the Lehigh Valley Media Group just sent me this article, which posted today:

The Tesla spokesman is telling her that the Allentown SC will be live by the end of this month!

These hometown papers are getting pretty similar PR packets from Tesla though the quoted spokesperson is different than the western one.

DavidA and Bighorn,

Thanks for the info.


Looks like we'll be just fine for our Christmas Visit with the in-laws.

Now I just need someone(s)' super detective skills to figure out the new red dot on Tesla's map just to the Northwest of the Lehigh dot.

Great News on Allentown....Now I don't have to run 100 feet of cable from my range to my parking spot at my Pocono house !!! Anyone know why the Tesla "service stations" don't have a set of superchargers? Eg.....Devon, PA ??? That would also help with some of this PA travel....

Not meaning to rain on anyone's excitement but I live nearby and there's still zero activity at the proposed site. With all the work laid out in the plans I would be very surprised if the Whitehall supercharger goes online before the end of the year.

I was the person who posted regarding the trailer and unfortunately it left shortly afterwards. PP&L still needs to extend the high voltage line underground and have it encased in cement. No small task given the ground layout. There are trees in the way, sidewalk, and the line location is up on a short but steep hill. I'd say minimum 4 weeks from first dig to power up. As of a few days ago there's a communications contractor up the road doing work which may or may not be in PP&L's way causing further delays.

I'll try to post updates as soon as I see anything. My commute takes me nearby almost daily. In the meantime as always the HPWC mounted outside at my house is available to anyone who needs it. Wintertime is frozen hell on range.

@EVSteve - or anyone else -
Any good news or progress on construction?

@PhillyGal as of this morning the property is still blank. I will keep checking and report back to this thread as soon as I see or hear any new developments.

Thanks for the update but DANG!
When I saw the thread had a new post I was hoping for ground breaking.


I just got word from someone at Whitehall PA's Zoning Dept. and apparently this is no longer happening!
Tesla has withdrawn their proposal for the Lehigh Valley Mall due to significant and apparently insurmountable obstacles in getting the utilities to serve the site.
Tesla is apparently still looking for a site in Allentown but have yet to identify one.

This is complete crap! Stupid politicians with their stupid heads up their butts. The owner of this mall should have pulled whatever strings needed to be pulled to make this happen. A Super Charger would have meant mall traffic from some folks who otherwise may have never heard of your mall, let alone shopped there.

Oooh I'm so miffed. I can't say that we would not have ordered a Tesla if it wasn't for this location but it was definitely a huge reason we felt comfortable confirming when we did. I know, I know - first world problems. But a 120V outlet and extension cord across a sidewalk 8-10 weekends per year sounds like ZERO FUN SIR!

Wow, that's terrible news! Permit in April, took until December just to go back to square one and start all over again. Amazing, and not in a good way at all.

[cynical/snide anti-utility remarks removed before posting]

Who was that one guy who frequently claimed that Tesla always has everything under their control with Supercharger installs and never runs into roadblocks like these from organizations outside their control? :)

wow. blankin' wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sure hope your contact at Whitehall is mistaken @Phillygirl. I took a leap buying my Tesla a year ago, with the "promise" of superchargers that would be accessible to my location in Pennsylvania - the Allentown one was / is crucial for me to get back and forth to philly airport. I don;t have dual chargers so HPWC doesn't help me - 20 miles of charge per hour means charging for several hours just to get home. makes no sense, so ICE it has had to be. I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for this to move forward - permits, meeting, more meetings, more meetings, more permits ... and now .... zilch??

I have YET to be able to use a single Supercharger!!

I am terribly upset at this apparent lack of organizational skills, and even more so at Tesla's lack of communication and clarity. Do I love my car? yes. But ..... Have I had more than my share of broken pieces and parts (mechanical and computer)? yes. Am I unhappy with the lack of ability to provide timely service at Devon (4+ weeks if its not an emergency)? yes.

Up until now, I have been very forgiving - new company, cool product, growing pains. But they cannot seem to deliver on Superchargers within reach of central PA, despite a map that has had several 2014 locations planned for almost 2 years (harrisburg, allentown, hazleton/wilkes-barre). And I was told at the time that I purchased my car a year ago that Allentown was coming very soon. So I feel duped.

doesn't take much more of this for a Tesla lover to be a Tesla ranter. Come on Tesla, at least give us some communication and status update. we are your best advertisers. why tick us off? we are not asking for much - just clarity, and direction.

To my California brothers and sisters, you have it pretty good.


I understand that you are upset. I also need tha Allentown supercharger.. However , you probably need to understand that Tesla has put in hundreds of superchargers around the world.
In Florida Tesla does not have a problem.. Look at the supercharger map. Tesla does have a problem in other states , Pennsylvania is a problem , as many other states where the politicians are bought by the automobile dealers association.
You should talk to your elected officials. Just saying.

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