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Alliant financing

I had a question about those who used Alliant for their loan. Did everyone already have automobile credit history when they received their low APR loan? Did you have to make a downpayment?

Reason I ask is I was contacted by Tesla financing, and my application was denied by both Wellsfargo and Usbank because although I have excellent credit history, I do not have any automobile credit history. I sent in an application today to Alliant and was just wondering what I should expect come next week.

Thank you!

This is what I got from the Umpqua site, it also says that there is a $100 fee for an auto loan.

auto loan rates

Amount you can borrow Interest Rate (fixed) Corresponding APR 1 Term
$5,000 and up 3.10% - 6.10% 3.13% - 8.03% 24 months
3.30% - 6.30% 3.32% - 7.62% 36 months
3.40% - 6.40% 3.42% - 7.41% 48 months
3.60% - 6.60% 3.61% - 7.42% 60 months
3.70% - 6.70% 3.71% - 7.52% 72 months

Coastal FCU and US Alliance FCU are also offering up to 84 months.

Coastal Rates are good if you live in there area.


72 months. Mu rate was about $50 a month less the best offer from Tesla's financing partners.

FYI the 1.49% is now 1.74%. Hope everyone receiving their car soon is locked in even though 1.74% is still pretty good. I closed Friday to be safe.

@Joe H.- Thanks for the heads up. Guess I'll just have to deal with the small increase. My delivery date is 3/28 so was waiting to get into the 30 day window. Still a very competitive rate.

Just financed through ACU at 1.49% Set this up on the last day for the old rate Monday. Financing phase completed!

I used the details of the Alliant offer at 1.49% as leverage on my credit union where I already have my other accounts. They countered with 1.94%, which was lower than their advertised rates, so I'm taking that to keep it convenient.

Sorry to revive an old thread, but this thread has helped me a ton to decide who to go through and who to contact at ACU. I have a delivery date of Aug 29th so was planning to finance August 1st.

Is Scott Paulson and Andy Vostatek still the people I should get in contact with at ACU?

Who would you all recommend of the two?


Scott was very helpful.
Amazing how much you can quickly do on line.

Closed $85k loan @1.74% two weeks ago for our MS.

I worked with Scott Paulson. Efficient, knowledgeable, a pleasure to do business with.

I qualified quickly for 95% financing. Yes, I had previous auto loan history.

@Ma'Tes @thranx Thanks for the info! Scott it is.

People often say this, but I have no idea why reviving a relevant "old thread" is a problem. New members are flooding in, and haven't seen them, for one thing. New developments on previous topics are frequent. Etc.

Pacific Marine Credit Union has 1.5% rates. I found them very helpful. And no, I do not work there.

Digital Credit Union has a "hybrid" discount that brings it down to 0.99% for I think now 65 months. I didn't check, but they mentioned that EV's qualify too. Worth looking into.

Alliant offered 100% but only needed $85K 1,74% 72 months, I put 10% down.

Scott is the man to work with... has the whole process nailed, he's closed on many Tesla's

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