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Auto accident repair or replace?

My wife happened to be in a head on collision which resulted in the front end totally crumpling up and the airbags deploying. The Model S did extremely well in the accident with no one getting hurt. Problem is that now the auto insurance company, USAA, can't figure out wether to fix the car or total it. The problem being that the parts are hard to come by. For example a front windshield has a 100 day back log. In addition if the car is totaled I will end up going to the back of the line. One Tesla service center said that they did have two "Orphan" cars that I may be able to purchase. We will see. And I never did get the back seats that I paid for.

by "other cases" I meant other mfrs, non-Tesla cars.

Other manufacturers will do the same as Tesla......if you can ever get ahold of them

just had accident yesturday other driver at fault they have chartis insurance. so far tesla not helpful. refused to allow me to send car to local tesla office. suggested i send car to some body shop not related to tesla. i am waiting on insurance adjuster to go see the car. the car had significant front right impact axel broken front right side crumpled. air bags went off. hard to get car on flatbed when electric system goes dead and cant get car out of park.

I'm very sorry to hear about your loss in the Model S, glad that I hear of no injuries.
I'm looking at bidding on a Model S at auction Monday that may have been yours. I hope to use the parts for a special conversion into an electric VW camper.
Is there any chance you could contact me directly if the one on auction might have been yours?

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