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Battery 60 - range for commute?

Hi, i'm hoping to get an answer to a real world drive question. I've seen several Tesla's now on the road and they are usually cruising along at 60ish mph. What if i'm lucky with all that downtown LA traffic I experience and want to go 80ish for my 95 miles roundtrip commute? The calculators all appear to go to 65 - just wondering for my own knowledge.

Question: What would the range be on a 60 battery if I traveled from OC to LA roundtrip at 80 mph?

I heard somewhere that they always keep 5% in reserve (95% of 208= 197)
standard range is 90% of 208. I don't remember if my DS said this or it was on one of the forums.

@CC the miles stop at 197, but there is clearly more charging going on as the indicator bar is not all the way to the right when it first hits 197. The bar keeps moving to the right, but the miles stay at 197. Once you start driving, the range stays on 197 for at least 10 miles.

I just figure if the 85 kwh battery with range charge everyone is stating around 265 to 270. Why the 60kwh only go upto 197 if the battery bar is still increasing? Time to give Tesla a call? :)

No, I think that's just what it does. I will rarely range charge, there's clearly more range there, so I'm not going to worry about it.

About the Barstow SC to Vegas route...I've been working on a "Trip Energy Calculator" that will be go into beta in a week or so at I ran that route through the preliminary estimator code, which accounts for hills, HVAC and speed and got 55.4 kWh total energy usage (a little more than what you saw). I didn't know where in Vegas you were going, so the route ended up being 156 miles vs. the 170 you mentioned. Also note that per Google Earth, Vegas is about 140 feet lower than the SC at Barstow. My calculator shows a total of 1959 meters of climbing but 2044 meters of descent - so lots of up/down, but a net drop. We're still tweaking, with intent of getting within 2-3% accuracy. We'll be looking for "crowdsourcing" to refine the numbers. Here is a sneak preview of what the energy calculator will show:

Oops - here is preview image I meant to include above:

My destination was the west side of town. It is 168 miles from the Barstow SC, and about 800 feet higher than the Strip. However, I had forgotten to reset the trip odometer until about 7 miles from the charger, and at the time didn't realize there is a separate line showing data since the last charge. So, my data showed 160.7 miles, 48.8 kWh used, average 304 W/mi. Most of the trip was at 70 mph, but much of the last 10 miles was slower, and about 3 miles on residential streets. We did not need to use HVAC at all and had a healthy tailwind. Keep in mind mine is a 60 kWh, so it should use less energy than an 85.

Your data showing 55.4 kWh is another opportunity to suggest a SC in Primm. Even an 85 kWh X might have a tough time getting to Vegas if there is any cruddy weather. The highest passes are around 4,800 feet and do get snow.

@Darmok - thanks for the additional info. The biggest factor that the calculator doesn't account for yet is weather (WIND) - when I apply a 0.9 speedfactor (basically assumes a tailwind of about 7mph) and adjust the destination (you must have been in the mountains someplace!) I get more like 50kWh. As you noticed, this uses Watts-vs-speed for 85 kWh battery. We're working on building out models for the other versions. Your trip used darn close to the Rated Wh/mi (308 for the 85S, but looks like it could be as low as 277 for 60S based on EPA range of 208 and usable energy of about 57.6 kWh).

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