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Beep Beep! *checks phone* YOUR TESLA IS CHARGED TO 150 MILES! An inexpensive Supercharger improvement

Alert users via TEXT or Notification when their Tesla is connected to a Supercharger and reaches the desired charge level. The user then returns from the mall/restaurant and moves their car from the bay, opening up a spot for other Model S owners sooner rather than later. If the car isn't disconnected from the charger in 15 minutes, a second TEXT/Notification goes out with another reminder and so on and so forth.

Something needs to be done about Teslas sitting at Superchargers for way too long while others wait in line. We're not even close to high volume and this is already a conversation.

I would like to see your suggestion implemented.

On the road I sit checking my phone to see if my car is done charging so I can leave as soon as I can. It would be nice if the car could just tell me when it's done.

I'm glad Tesla can't build enough superchargers fast enough to meet demand. I just wonder how they will keep up when they are building 500,000 cars a year.

Great idea.

I like the idea. As a software engineer, I'm sure that this will be relatively easy to implement.

I just had an experience where I was charging my car at a campground overnight. I checked my progress via my Android app to find out the charging had stopped. The breaker tripped. Had I not checked my charging progress, I would have been very unhappy in the morning to find out I couldn't get home. Having the ability of the app to notify you both when charging complete or interrupted would be extremely useful!

Depends if the hardware install included VIN reporting along with in-use.


Good idea. In the meantime, doesn't the app tell you how long to full charge? Just set a timer on your phone.

There are many features Tesla could provide in the car, through the web, and in mobile apps - but due to limitations with the size of their software staff - the pace of providing new features has been pretty slow since I received my car in January.

Either Tesla should consider a larger investment in their software staff OR they should consider other options to get outside help.

In the case of the superchargers - Tesla knows exactly where every car is located and the direction they are heading. Not only can they track which cars are at a supercharger, either being charged, waiting to charge, or finished charging - they can also project how many cars will be arriving soon.

They could use this information to predict likely wait times at the supercharger, provide notification to owners when their cars are nearly charged, when a waiting car might be able to get an open station, and send notices to owners forgetting to move their cars when charging has been finished.

With the data Tesla is collecting, this functionality should all be fairly easy to implement - and should be available through mobile apps, the "My Tesla" web dashboard - and in the car.

ChargePoint has this feature. I get a text that my car has stopped charging

I think the Nissan Leaf send you a text if your charging is interrupted. Can't be hard, especially when the car has wireless built in.

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