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Black leather interior with red piping

Has anyone else noticed that there is a significant color variation between the vibrant red piping shown on the website's design studio and the bland and muted maroon that they show in the retail stores? I might choose to go with the all black leather (sans piping) they use for the base Model S if the color choice is what they have available in the retail shops. Has anyone seen the black interior with red piping on the finished product yet?

This was shown at the test drive event and I think is representative of the performance interior.

One of the cars has it. The picture is accurate to my recollection.

Thanks, Jason. It still looks a bit muted, but it does look better than what I saw in the store.

I put the piping up to the Signature Red as I wanted to see how much they matched and it matched as well as metal paint to leather dye could IMHO.

Different red piping for the Sunset Red? ;)

LOL, I'm sure not! Like others, I thought the Sunset red was too bright. But that's definitely a personal preference!

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