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chargeport light not turning off

Hi - as far I I know, the charge port light always turns off after a little while when you plug the car in, so at night you don't see anything lit up when the car is charging.. now, last night and tonight I've noticed that the light doesn't turn off any more (the green blinking). I am not sure why it suddenly would act different. I still have the same firmware (4.4). I guess the only thing I did was turn the amp down to 10A instead of 40A (I'm hooking up to a 50A -> 40A) circuit.

So maybe that has something to do with it, tomorrow night I will leave it at 40A and see if that behaves differently. Anyone else see this?

What's the charge status at? If you cut the amp to a 1/4, the charging obviously takes longer.

Not relevant. The charger plug light does not normally stay on more than a few minutes once charging begins.

Ahh ok, thanks.

Wim, I think the light turns off when the car is locked. Is it possible that your car is staying unlocked for some reason?

+1 @dirkhh - that's exactly what I thought.

@win - did you leave your key near the car?

yeah, I made sure to lock the car. Weird. well tonight I will leave it at 40A and see if it changes behavior

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