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As a future owner in Colorado, I am investigating the tax incentives for purchasing a Roadster and I have some questions.  Here is a link to the relevant description of the tax credit:

It appears that there is an "Alternative Fuel Vehicle Credit" which is 85% (for ZEV) of the price difference between the cost of the vehicle and the cost of the "same or most similar vehicle that uses a traditional fuel".  Most of the examples cited are for hybrids which also have a similar gasoline-only version.  But no such version exists for the Roadster (obviously).  So, what is the most similar traditional vehicle?  A 2007 Lotus Elise?  This vehicle has an MSRP around $46,000.  So, by that logic, would the credit be 85% * (101,000 - 46,000) = $46,750?  If that is correct, I could buy an Elise with the tax savings.  If anyone can clarify how this credit should be computed, please share your view.

Looks like I might be seeing some Model S vehicles around town this summer. It will be good to see while I wait on mine. I think I've seen the roadster a few times in Highlands Ranch (where I live) Kevin

Hi I am Diego, Model S #580 in Alamosa CO. I met Elon last year at the Space Symposium. He was there talking about Space X. I told him I was getting a Model S and he told me I wouldn't be disappointed.

Does anyone in Colorado have a model S yet?

None yet. Maybe in July.

From my delivery specialist, two Founders Edition Model S units have arrived in Boulder. My son saw one of them last month. As far as I know, I will be the first non-founders delivery on 8/28, SSL#40.

@Diego: I will be taking this Model S to Pagosa Springs a few days after I take delivery at the Denver Service Center. Contact me at offline if you want to get together some time. Also, I will probably top off the charge in Salida at one of the RV parks, and turn towards Pagosa at Center, but if you have a NEMA 14-50 or similar outlet already installed, that could be nice insurance.

BTW, I have multiple NEMA 14-50 outlets in Pagosa if anyone wants to contact me at the above e-mail for a SW Colorado charge.

It will be good to potentially see a few Model Ss around the metro area while I wait for mine

Hello everyone. My name is Chris and I can barely wait to receive my Signature Performance Model S. My number is 1099 and I'm hoping for an October delivery. I live in Denver and will install the Tesla High Power Wall Charger.

Good for you chort67-- Hope to see you passing my Lexus around the metro area (my car is blue with the "my next car is a Tesla license plate frame). I installed a NEMA 14-50 in my garage.

For any Model S owners driving around the front range. I would love to hear your impressions of driving up Floyd Hill (between Idaho Springs & Evergreen), In addition to any other general impressions you may have...

Let you know when I get it but who knows when that will be.

Just finalized and placed my order, expected delivery date is Nov/Dec

I live in Evergreen, P6286, so probably won't see my Model S until 1Q of 2013.

I hope someone here in CO can confirm this, but I read where CO will waive the sales tax on Model S purchases. I read this comment on the Tesla Motors Club threads, but I have yet to confirm if this is true. I asked Park Meadows guys, and one said yes, one said I don't think so, while the other starred at me like I was on something. These guys at the PArk Meadows store don't seem to have all the info, from my experience with them and reading the TMC forums.

You should be eligible for the $6,000 tax credit for Colorado EVs (have never read anything about them waving the sales tax). In my experience if you talk to Ben or Kelly at Tesla Park Meadows you get the most up to date answers.

^ Thanks and will do with Kelly or Ben. BTW - within the past 10 minutes I got an email "It's Time to Build Your Tesla"!!!! P6286

Congratulations! 1 step closer :o)

@dennis, the state waves it's portion of the sales tax for EVs and charging equipment. County, city, and special district sales taxes may or may not apply depending upon where you live. TM does a good job with this when you get your MPVA. I checked the calculation pretty carefully because my house is unincorporated but the city boundary comes right up to my fence. TM did not charge me the city tax, so they got it right. I believe the state rate is 2.9% but it's been a while since I looked it up so I could be wrong.

You also qualify for the state income tax credit, which is $6,000 for this car. The credit is refundable so if your liability exceeds the credit, you get a check for the difference.

Edit, that should say MVPA. TM, how about an edit function?

Crow - thanks. Would you by chance have a reference or link to the State Sales Tax Exemption for EVs? If not convenient, no problem, as I will be seeing TM at Park Meadows on Friday to test drive their car again, plus let the wife test drive it as well. "Unfortunately," they only have a performance model for test drives right now, as I truly was hoping to drive the performance and non-performance back-to-back to get a feel for the difference in acceleration.

BTW - Kelly at TM in PM did not know about the Sales Tax Exemption, but gave me Grant Pope's cell phone, who is the delivery specialist and will deliver our vehicle when time comes. She said if anyone knows, that he would since he handles the payment end. I called, left a voicemail, but no return call yet. )to be updated later)

@crow Thanks for the info on the State sales tax exemption. When did you take delivery? Still waiting to see a Colorado Model S in the wild... & patiently waiting for my number to be called.

No delivery yet but scheduled for this month. @dennis, I would have to look the cite up again in order to give you a reference. When I received my MVPA, I looked it up to verify they were taking the right rate (I'm a CPA specializing in federal corporate tax not sales & use) and their system got it correct. I don't think Grant is the guy to ask since he only accepts the check for the amount already determined. Plus, he's pretty new. He's also traveling around delivering cars so don't bug him about this. He needs to focus on getting me my car. I'm braving Carmaggedon today cuz I have to go to the office so I'll pull up the cite for you.

PS: Don't drive the performance unless you are prepared to buy it. It's stupid fast, completely frivolous, and absolutely amazing.

Crow - you're my new hero...
Endure Carmaggedon, too. We have our own issue in Denver today with the Presidential debate. Closing 6 miles of I-25 around U. of Denver this afternoon and evening. Fortunately, I work from home in Evergreen. And, I will not bug Grant, as he has more important things to tend to - you.

@dennis, I may not be your hero. I think I got the weight limit wrong on the state exemption now that I pulled the statute. Grrrrr!

I have to go south on I25 and I am trying to get out of my office before all hell breaks loose. My office is downtown but I live near the PM store.

Thanks - BTW, Grant just called me back from my voicemail the other day. He said they have been collecting State, City and County sales tax for Colorado. I mentioned CO has a Sales Tax Exemption for alternative energy vehicles, to which he said Tesla headquarters is working on getting more information from the State of CO, which they should have very soon and he will forward me what Tesla learns as soon as he sees it.
Bottom line, after searching CO Sales Tax information on the web, I am getting the impression this exemption only applies to vehicles that weigh more than 10k pounds. But I'll post what I learn later from Tesla. To be continued.

Agreed. It looks like the charger install my still have an exemption. If my state guy weren't so busy, I'd ask him to do me a solid.

I am scheduled for a Jan/Feb delivery of my S, and just talked to SolarCity about a 240V install in my garage. Based on about 60 feet of high-gauge wire needed from my utility box to the garage, this will cost about $850.

I need to go back through some old research I did, but if someone here knows about the CO exemption on the charger installation, please help me understand what does it entail? Do we get to write off the cost of the full installation on our CO tax return? thanks

I got a 50% federal tax deduction for installation of NEMA 14-50 240V 50A in my garage, and in 2010 Colorado had a 20% deduction, but I thought it had expired.

I'll be using the same outlet for my Model S and trading in the Roadster.

Thrilled to be posting as we just reserved a Model S for delivery in Evergreen. Hope it can handle the snow and the drive to the mountains. If not, we're hoping the Model X can do it:) Props to Kelly at Park Meadows although the car just sells itself.

Welcome, tumult! A few of us in CO already have taken delivery of a Model S and I know of at least one other reservation holder in Evergreen who'll get his car toward the end of winter. Hang around here, get educated and stay positive through the wait, because I am absolutely sure you will love your S when it arrives!

@tumult Welcome This is where we come while waiting & learning. Still haven't seen a Model S in the wild yet. All good people down at the Park Meadows store. What did you think of your test drive?

Hey all, Just put down my reservation 13,549. Looks like it might be awhile before I get car, however June is possible. Trying to decide if I need the performance model. Anyone drive a non performance model? Im not even sure they have made any yet. Heard a rumor a convertible is in the works, maybe that will happen before mine goes into production. Looking forward to meeting up at a rally soon!

Plus just made some dough on the stock...who knows maybe I can make enough to pay for the car :)

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