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CORRECTED EMAIL, PLEASE TRY ME AGAIN. Is it possible to get a Model S Test ride in Austin Tx area????

I am very interested in the model S but have not been able to drive one yet. My wife andi are from tennessee where there is no dealer anywhere nearby. We did visit a showroom in Denver and are currently visiting austin for a week. Was in both Houston and Phoenix but told they are not allowed to offer test drives in those 2 states plus Massachusetts..... Very frustrating!!! The showroom in Houston suggested posting here as there are many owners who might be glad to show off their cars. I am a very serious car enthusiast and want to order one... Just need to have my wife drive it 1st as it is for her. If you would consider a personal visit with your car please let me know via email to We are in town visiting our daughter for the next 4-5 days. Thanks so much.
John From Nashville .

I 'spect you'll get lots of offers. The opportunity to convert a wife will be irresistable!

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