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Dragon Drama

This morning's launch was great, until in orbit 3 of 4 Draco pods were blocked ("inhibited") by on-board computers. Took over 4 hrs to get them activated. USAF long-range comm systems had to be used, I guess because it was tumbling. Close call! Don't know if the rendezvous time has changed, yet. Elon tweets "back on track", so maybe not.

Not before Sunday. "Oxidizer blockage" was cleared by "cycling the valves".

Problems with your Model S? Send a Ranger.
Problems with your Dragon? You've got a serious issue! No space rangers available yet.

Good thing they have awesome telemetry capabilities to remotely troubleshoot the craft in case some anomaly tries to Broder your Dragon.

Elon just tweeted "Just received #Dragon docking clearance from @NASA. Will begin orbital maneuvers to Space Station at 11pm Pacific time."

12:40 PST, Dragon visible immediately below ISS, on the "R-bar" line which runs through the centers of the Earth and station. 300 meters below, right now.

Here's the Livestream link:

Hehe ArieK, I guess Broder will go down in history as a synonym for sabotage or failure due to excessive stupidity, judging by the frequent references on these forum. Funny.

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