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Elon takes on Texas...tweets for help...

From his twitter acct: "Auto dealers in Texas are trying to stop Tesla. Would appreciate your help in fighting for what's right"

Followed by "If you support Tesla in Texas, please contact your state Senate or House member. Free enterprise!"

Does anyone have a link to the actual bil? I'd like to point my representative to it.

The current Auto Dealer model is horrible. I hope the Tesla business model takes off and other will follow.

The last time I went to a dealership was to help a friend buy new Honda CRV. the 1st thing I told the sales man was that expect my buying experience to be the same as going to best buy and buy a toaster. I told him how much I wanted to pay ($4000 less the asking price) and I knew that he had to go talk to his manager, then I told him if he returns with a counter offer I would walk right out, told that I want to buy a car, but it does not have to be from him. so he went to his manager, then the manager comes back with him, before he even opened his mouth, I told him the same thing I told the other guy, that is if he tries to counter my offer, I would walk right out. he then asked me, why am I being like that, and I told him straight out. I hate this crap... I just want to buy a car like I buy a toaster. that shut him up and we got the car for the price that I wanted.. but then they wanted to sell all kinds of extended warranty for this and that. then tried to get us to finance... grrrrr I hate the current Auto Dealership experience.

auto dealers in Texas. $$$$$$$. >>>>>>>. Texas legislators
Law passed, simple.
Tesla sues, takes complaint to Supreme Court, wins,
People can buy Tesla in Texas.

Here's the bill, obviously directly written for Tesla. I propose an email avalanche....

Introduced by Eddie Rodriquez

@teslajolt - I agree 1,000,000%. Thinking back, that may be at least part of the reason I bought both my LEAF (which was sold that way too at first) and my MS. I much prefer that buying experience. No dickering. I tell you what I want, you tell me how much it is, I pay you and off I go. Like buying a toaster. :-)

+1 @ GeekEV and teslajolt
It was such a relief to walk into the Tesla store knowing the prices were set fairly and I could focus on what I wanted to buy - without having to wonder if I would pay a penalty for not wanting to play that rude little game. And it can get rude - I will never forget a Buick salesman telling me that he was offering me a fair price and if I didn't believe him maybe I should go home and ask my boyfriend's opinion. I walked out. The dealer (last name was the name of the dealer) called to ask about my experience and what he could do to get me in a new car. I told him what happened and then told him I called a competitor that day, asked for a female salesperson and bought the car from her. Btw, before testdriving the MS, I called 3 other dealerships and asked for a female salesperson and none of them had even one. Went to Tesla DC store and met 2 women and one guy who answered my questions, took me out for a drive, and double-checked some things to make sure they were giving me the most accurate answers, in short: all three were bright, competent, well-informed and very helpful. Love, love, love the Tesla buying experience.

Here is a discussion on this issue from the Tesla Motors Club pages:

Illustrated by some of the earlier posts, the contrast is obvious. In short, direct distribution with excellent, professional, and friendly customer service is the future. I'm glad Tesla got that, even though flawless customer service is not exactly easy to setup.

Zenuk: send all info to:

Tesla Headquarters
ATTN: Elon Musk
3500 Deer Creek
Palo Alto, CA 94304

WTF! All that freedom of choice and freedom of speech and yet you can't buy one of the best America made products ever built? Maybe Texas just wants some of the jobs? Or maybe Texas want to keep oil dependancy? Again WTF! Change these stupid laws.

Update: the bill in the Texas Senate was heard in public testimony by committee yesterday. It was left "pending in committee", which in my state = DOA (not sure about Texas). The House will hear their version next week.

Why cant they write this stuff in English? It looks to me like Tesla can get a dealer registration but no new company will be able to do so in the future. What am I missing?


So you have to hire and pay a lawyer to interpret it for you.

The bill appears to have been written to allow only Tesla to establish new dealerships in Texas.

The Texas legislature only meets once every two years - for four months - so the window of opportunity is extremely short - and if missed, won't come back around for another 2 years.

What might have had more impact is if Musk had also approached the legislature about putting a SpaceX launch site in Texas...

Elon is making a personal appearance in Texas tomorrow!

Will he wear a 20-gallon hat? ;-)

Shouldn't that be a 20 Kwh hat from now on? ;-)

I heard Elon is also considering a space launch facility in Texas for Space X.

And I think Houston's Port Arthur area would be a great place for a second Tesla manufacturing facility, when the time comes. Centrally located to car train rails into Mexico and the port is closer to Europe.

Maybe even make pickup truck's there in Texas, which has a huge pickup truck market.

@ArieK - Based on wikipedia's definition of a gasoline gallon equivalent that would actually be a 668 kWh hat. ;-p

Well so how did it go? with the TX state...

I have been listening to the Texas Tesla hearing and the Texas Auto Dealer Asssociation representative just said that the chevrolet volt was more "technologically" advanced than the Tesla Model S. Crazy. He also contradicted himself by saying that we just give the consumers choice in the market but then says it must be limited through the dealership model because direct sales would negatively affect the consumers in service, price etc. But when someone asked him if that were true, the Tesla customers could go to some other manufacturer because it is a free market. He essentially had no response. I hope this bill goes Tesla's way.

Does anyone know if the hearing will be available to watch later?

By the way, the SpaceX bill (House Bill 2623) unanimously passed in Texas earlier today. This is not yet the full vote by the State Legislature but I wondered who scheduled this Committee vote to coincide with the day of the Tesla hearing. That was either brilliant or brilliantly stupid, depending on who did it.

I like how the press release quotes an official as saying after the vote "although SpaceX has not made a final decision to relocate to the area...".

Talk about giving somebody the upper hand...

@frmercado Yes it will be at in the next day or two under the Business and Industry hearing for April 9. The Tesla portion will be towards the ending of the session.

@sayidreddy Thanks for the info.

Update from Elon in Texas. He has resorted to dangling a new factory in front of their noses to help sweeten the deal and pass 'his' bill.
New reference is made to a future Tesla pickup. Wonder why you would build that in a different factory if it's based on a platform made in CA (model S skateboard). Sounds more like politics than efficiency.

The reason for a separate factory, maybe because the Tesla pickup truck would have few parts in common with other Tesla vehicles. The battery mIght be different too. And Elon's just doing a little mid to long range planning, 5+ years out, after the first plant gets filled to compacity.

A good location in Texas would have port access to Gulf of Mexico and closer shopping to Africa, Europe and South America.

And also there are car trains from Texas to Canada, Mexico and various points in the USA.

The whole thing reminds me a little of the movie "Atlas Shrugged" part 1, (didn't see part 2 yet). And who would Elon be ? John Reardon of Rearson steel ? Dagney the train line scion & magnate ? Can't say I agree with everything about Ayn Rand's Objectivism philosophy; but she makes a few good points.

The funny & ironic thing is conservatives in Texas probably all love Ayn Rand.

Guess you have to "fight fire with fire" sometimes", (American colloquialism: use similar tactics).

To avoid having to ship most of the trucks sold across the Continental Divide?


Even though Tesla may charge a flat delivery fee, freight is billed by the mile as far as I know. And when you get up to hundreds of thousands of vehicles per year, it might be a little more convenient and cost efficient for Tesla.

I know Mexican car plants already ship cars to USA by rail.

When you have 5000 cars coming off the Tesla car plant assembly line per week, they are going to start piling up pretty quick.

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