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EU manual TMS cannot be opened

Just received the manual (EU) for the TMS, but it cannot be opened, Adobe Reader gives the following:
"local\EWH7+2k([0w "Does anyone know what I should do?

In addiction, Adobe sais: The file is damaged and cannot be repaired.

Yup - same for me; won't download properly and if file saved corruption message when opened.
Hope someone from Tesla Europe pays attention.

By the way - the new "Roadside Assistance Numbers" manual loaded just fine.

All mine opened up just fine.

Hmm... what you use to dowload, PC, Mac? with what browser?

I used Mac with Safari...

It worked with Mac and Firefox

Same here with mac and safari " the file is damaged and cannot be repaired...

Foxit Reader. Non-Adobe.

Works fine, on my Mac, with Preview, with Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.5, and with Adobe Reader 10.1

Nice to see a real manual. Unfortunately, a real manual does not seem to exist for the US model. (The little 40 page thing is a quick start guide, not a manual.) But this version is close enough to be useful for US readers.

I used a PC with Chrome.

Every .PDF, besides user manual, has works fine.

I use Mac's, iPad and iPhone. Now I have a Tesla bookshelf in iBooks...

But no user manual...

The manual on page 5.22 shows the ability to turn on/off Blind spot, but I don't see any description of blind spot monitoring.

It's odd that the official manual would show something without it even being an option.

Thanks psirnes!

Doesn't open on my Mac, not with Preview, nor Acrobat Pro, Adobe Reader or Adobe Reader for Windows. Frustrating.

Weird. Tried again in Safari and it now works...

Guys, most the corruption message was due to an incomplete download. It happened to me too and I realized the file wasn't the right size. If it is not at least 17MBytes, it is not complete, try downloading it again. I think a lot of EU customers went to download it at the same time. It should work better now.

FireFox, saved and read fine using Foxit.

Now it work's. Thank's!
Owner's Manual is now in my iBook bookshelf. So now i can read Owner's Manual in bed, before I go to sheep.
(Come on, Brian H! You can not let pass! B-D. )

--works, Thanks--.
The 's is used only for possessives and abbreviations. NEVER plurals. Many make this error.

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