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European Car of the Year 2014?

Check this forum, very informative, Tesla still impress European press.

What an eclectic mixture of vehicles! From Mazda 3, Rav 4, to Maserati Ghibli.

The Model S looks to be the only American made car in 31 cars being considered. About half are from Asia with the rest from Europe. Just to be included in this group is impressive. As they are finding out, the S blows away every car on that list!

When did an american win the prize? Never?

Well, US makers only recently began making some solid cars (by making them more European and Asian :) but Tesla should win this one.
It is by far the most impressive vehicle but then again,
the title should be feared also. Many cars that won it
were terrible sellers later on..

Many cars that won it
were terrible sellers later on..

Another tradition for TM to overturn!

My money is on the BMW i3 for winning European Car of the Year 2014.

The price is considered to be a bit old-fashioned, politically loaded, and certainly not always common sense. Still routing for Tesla, though!

The Chevrolet Volt was Car of the Year 2012.
Interestingly, the Nissan Leaf was the winner in 2011. (Not an American car, obviously, but still an EV.)

There are a few potential hurdles.

1. Tesla is still not that known to common folks. It is
surprising how many "civilians" know about it but still.

2. Yanks are not currently the most favored nation among
EU and Americas members due to NSA snooping, which could
be a factor.

3. Big auto don't want Tesla to be the prime story and
to keep making them look bad so who knows how much
lobbying is in the background simply to be against
this "nuisance" :)

After the financial crisis of 2008 we started to build nice cars in America, more competitive, Tesla may win this nomination.

@car t man

I, too, was quite saddened to see Santa Claus wired to an NSA supercomputer. But, I doubt that will be a consideration in "Car of the Year".

try rooting for Tesla. It will work better than routing. That would be asking for Tesla to be routed, I assume.

Don't underestimate the effect. Many of the people "activated" enough to participate in such polls, etc. are very resentful of any notion of being snooped on by own or foreign bodies. It can be a factor and a turn off.

If you read some of the comments here about China and Russia, you can more easily imagine how people here would react to finding China or Russia snooped
on US civilians and then have a vote about an important product or brand at
a poll shortly thereafter.. Just saying, that it could be a headwind for Tesla.

Many people are dumping Gmail, Facebook, and many companies are moving their stuff on outside of US clouds, etc. now. It isn't as innocent as Santa.

@Car t man

I understand completely. I was just making the link between your name and the South Park episode about privacy.

I have worn a tin foil hat for many years and never participated in Facebook, Google and the like for the reasons you mention. I even use a proxy search engine. It works great, I found Tesla!

Hopefully pride in good Journalism will prevail.

Brian H:
Don't forget to correct your own typos:
and others.

Danish motorjournalists are about to pick their winner, and it seems, Tesla won't even be in their top-5. To make up for that misjudgement they have given an "honorary prize" to the car. Hope their colleages in other European countries are more openminded, but I guess not.

The Danish must have found 5 cars that had revolutionary, never seen before, mind blowing, new cup holders....

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