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Folding Bicycle for Frunk?

Anyone have a recommendation for the model/make of folding bicycle that will fit in the frunk?

I keep my Brompton there!

Hi Rob,
Check this website,
The owner has a Tesla and he makes an electric bike that folds in the front truck of his Model S. Happen to see it this weekend during National Plug In.

Safe driving

Thanks for the suggestions. Also looking at the Dahon Speed Uno for simplicity.

yikebike or brompton

NOTHING beats a Bike Friday. I have been through everything from Dahons to the German Birdy, but the Bike Friday is quick to fold/unfold, has quality components AND rides better than anything else that folds.

It is NOT cheap, but not any more than a Brompton.

Is the bike to travel in from the farthest part of the parking lot? I hear you. I park there too so I don't get dinged.

No, it's for whenever you want even more fresh air than the pano can provide. :D

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