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Geomagnetic storms & potential impact on Model S (EVs)

Knowing NASA have been warning that major geomagnetic storms are coming which could potentially lead to serious effects on our activities. Since preventative action requires accurate forecasting (by NOAA) and many of us may not be aware while it’s happening, I can’t stop thinking about the potential impact on my Model S. In despite of car is running or not, if it hits while charging the batteries and resulted to serious damages (or, will it?), will the manufacture warranty cover (or part of) it?

Sorry, silly questions but I know (and I hope) we can count on Tesla ;)

Some articles issued by NASA:

The sensitive parts are the computers, which are present in all cars whether EV or not these days. Still, there isn't any significant risk to electronics on the ground, only to satellites and interference with radio waves propagating through the upper atmosphere.

Thanks for your response jat. Another item I was curious about others was the use of whole house surge protectors. When the electrician was out to install our 240 circuit, he recommended getting one of these and said a number of other Tesla owners were doing the same. Has anyone else had any experience with this? Tesla must have built something into the car for protection as well but a second line of defense doesn't seem like a bad idea to protect it in case of (space) weather related disasters.

@cindys - Reasonable surges should be no problem, but I've read of a few cases on the Nissan LEAF forums of houses being hit by lightning and frying the charging car... In one case they even had whole house surge protectors, but it didn't help. There's not much you can do against a direct strike. Of course, that's what insurance is for!

@cindys_tesla - I happen to have whole-house surge protection, but only because it was cheap to add while I was getting the main panel rewired anyway. It isn't rated anywhere near enough for a direct lightning strike on the line near my house, but hopefully it is enough it will help if it is further away. All my expensive stuff is plugged into UPSes anyway that have a replacement warranty if any equipment downstream of them gets fried.

Regarding the car, I think if you take a direct hit you are likely to have problems, but failing that I would think the damage would probably be limited to the mobile connector.

Mostly I think your electrician is trying to sell you more stuff, but it really isn't much compared to the cost of the car if you want to do it. As @GeekEV says, this is what insurance is for anyway :).

Good point jat & geekev! Thanks again & I better make sure my policy cover it just in case.

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