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Goodbye Tesla. Hello... Dodge?

PRetty funny.

How dare you laugh at the 'Dodge Brothers'. They have headlights that shoot lasers at anyone who dares laugh at them.

Translation: "We build things that burn vast amounts of oil and we're not about to change. You will like this because we command it of you. Most will be the sh*tty version with Dodge-quality plastic crap all over. The high end will be allocated in such a way that it implodes due to scarcity and dealer above-list overcharges. We're getting the electrics from Fiat to provide endless roadside entertainment. It will be unsafe at any speed but our buyers won't care."

We're screwed.

And in summation,

"Tesla's life in the sun was nice while it was lasted. We all enjoy novelties, and new technology in particular. But now the Dodge brothers are back, and they put an end to this fruit-fly's life. Bye-bye, Tesla."

Is this from The Onion or something? Someone's off their meds.

You could substitute any luxury car for Tesla in the linked article and the author would arrive at the same result. Very strange article.

Funny thing is, when I was starting to research buying a new car, I was seriously considering the Challenger. I liked the '70s throwback style, and thought it might be fun to drive.

Then, I read about and saw the Model S.

Forgot all about the Dodge.

Where's the BEEF!

I wonder if they'll borrow from the 1st gen Viper so owners will burn the hell out of their legs when getting out?

Always good to hear from Jim Cramer, renews my faith in journalism.

It is a nice looking car, a bit immature for my tastes. Weird that they thought it is a Tesla competitor, it is a two door muscle car. But hey, I'm sure the 707 hp version is a blast to drive.

Anton has actually written other, more serious pieces, and if I recall, they have been fairly negative about Tesla. This one reads like an Onion piece.

How about the 'sticky dash material' folks. No more taking out the chewing gum to stick your smartphone.

Didn't he recommend sell, sell, sell since the IPO? He is still wrong 1100% later. So where's the beef? The wondering mind wants to know...

I posted a comment early this AM when I read the piece. I tried to be civil and indicated to the author that I thought it was a provocative headline and that you can't compare an EV to an ICE and he should stick to comparing ICE to ICE. Got an email reply indicating that people claim the S is the best car ever and it is OK to compare anything to it, especially something better :)

I could not bring myself to use.

Click-bait article at its finest. The only driving it's really about is driving ad views, and something tells me it'll be a great success in that regard.

And I got suckered in to commenting too, but just couldn't resist.

Delusional..Fearful....Scared to shit article.

We also started our car buying process with the Dodge Challenger. Hemi engine was powerful, sounded sweet, it purred, and handling wasn't bad. But rear visibility was nil, and no tech to assist parking ruled the car out. After test driving Mercedes E250 BlueTec and BMW 328d, we concluded "too many moving parts".

Our policeman neighbor offered us his test drive appointment, and the rest is history.

Amazing that a car from a brand new automaker has become the new benchmark.

"At the time of publication, the author had no position in any of the stocks mentioned."

The other day Cramer said to be wary of people who have no position in a stock and talk down the company. It sounds like they are giving you their honest opinion, but they could very well be trying to drive the price down to the entry point that they missed.

The Street is not an investment house, but still some advice to consider.

The amazing thing for me, having watched and participated in Tesla for about 8 years now is that it is the standard to which other cars are compared. Even if this piece is a total joke and purely click-bait, the fact that Tesla is the bait is something one can't dismiss.

Surely the article wasn't serious, was it? Dodge vs. Tesla?

MacDaddyLady here.

My '76 Volaré had a console that opened toward the driver so nothing new here.

More importantly, does the cup holder in the door hold a Big Gulp or Sonic Route 44 drink. If not, all bets are off.

Not sure what is so beautiful about this car! Didn't like it in its era either. Two of these for the price of one Tesla still makes it a bad deal. The safety rating is a decent 8 but not close to the S. The only plus is the driver assist options but who knows how well a Dodge version actually work. This is the ultimate stink emitter and purely click bait, and what better way to get clicks than to headline Tesla Vs. ..............

I'm NOT selling my TSLA stock.

Ron :)

This is squarely targeted at us Americans, Dodge will make a ton of sales and d mountain of money:

"It is basically optimized for someone who is 5-9, has a very wide behind and weighs perhaps 300 pounds."

I dont fit in that seat then. Sigh.

Normally, my posts are lengthy but this one will be short because I don't want to get stampeded down at the Dodge dealer. I have to admit I thought I was pretty smart in getting a Tesla, but I've seen the light. I have to march right down and put a Dodge in my garage.

For those of us who remember the original Challenger, it was a thing of beauty with performance tweaks that kept pace with the Mustangs and Camaros of that era. Now, with 707 hp, it's still a thing of beauty for what it is. We're talking apples and oranges.

This is my favorite Dodge commercial EVER!!

Hey, I want my Charge Dodger!

And yes, this was a Challenger in the article. Whatever.

I did a previous posting regarding which brand would die next, suggesting Lincoln would be the first to go. I have to wonder if Dodge isn't that far behind.

One last point:

Where is that person who told us the wonders of the BMW i8 and how it was going to kill Tesla? Is he (is it a he?) going to extol the virtues of the Challenger now?

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