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Had an epiphany today...

I was driving to work in my ICE car (the one that's being replaced. shhh...don't tell her yet) today and it suddenly dawned on me:

I am propelling myself down the road via a series of explosions!

I started laughing. It's just so, well, preposterous when compared to the quiet, smooth, efficient propulsion of an all-electric drivetrain.

They should be deflagrations rather than explosions (unless your timing is over advanced or your octane is too low) but point taken.

Will never go back to explosions. Ever!

@klevins: I'd not heard the term "deflagration" before, so thanks for that. According to Wikipedia, explosions are a form of deflagration (are you thinking of "detonation"?). Interesting! :-)

Deflagrations are healthy combustion event; detonations are not. I suppose they both could be called explosions but usually that term is reserved for the more violent event.

Oh well- I guess that's why they settled on "combustion".

So "deflowering" is wrong.... oops.

Worse yet.... 50% of the time (excluding rotary engines) the main components are propelling themselves backwards.

LOL. Too true...

They're all "putts", as in putt-putts.

Detonations (supersonic) is a very "healthy" combustion event. It is a much more thermodynamically efficient form of combustion (vice deflagration/subsonic). In fact, it is being researched heavily for numerous applications. If you're bored, google: pulse detonation engine.

Lol farting all the way to work.

Boy, this thread went backwards fast!

My realization came on my morning run a few weeks into MS ownership when I though to myself -
Wow, there really is no need for those nasty polluting things passing me as I run. The BEV concept is real and is the obvious solution.

BTW, love the threads.... Please keep'm coming.

I also hope you are spreading the word locally as you would seem to be an awesome Tesla ambassador.

Ha, thanks, @lola. I'll be a more effective ambassador once my car actually gets here. Until then, I am at risk of being criticized for not putting my money where my mouth is. Or, as they'd say in Texas, "all hat, no cattle." ;-)

@wtdvorak: That may be thermodynamically correct in a very narrow sense that applies only to a specific non-automotive engine, and only in the sense of being able to extract the most thermal energy from a given amount of fuel- not necessarily motive power. It is not applicable to current ICE vehicles.

The context here is combustion in ICEs. Detonation can destroy pistons in minutes and is to be avoided. That is why most modern ICEs are fitted with knock sensors to retard timing/take other measures at the onset of detonation.

Gparrott: Has this thread reached bottom yet?

+1 lola, go cfOH

Time to sell your ICE - why do you need it if own a Tesla?

@djm12: My P+ is in production...should be delivered around the end of the month.

the race is on.. mine is due 7/20. The P85 sold four weeks ago so I have been without :(

@ lola - you sold your P85 for a P85+? Was that cheaper than retro-fitting?

Part of the equation is that the retrofit is not as complete at factory delivered.

@Bighorn - Makes sense, thanks

In my case, yes. I placed a second reservation (for my wife) before the end of last year so the replacement P+ order did not get hit with the $2,500 up tick on price nor did it get the $3500/$4500 21" surcharge. I got a reasonable price for my P85 and was able to replace it with a P85+ for less than the cost of the field upgrade. I got the production dampers and sway bars in addition to 5500 miles on the P85 as a kicker.

I was also able to put four months on MS in Florida to learn that the AC is definitely up to the task of Florida plus black interior. I was able to go from Silver/Grey to Red/Black and thus get my favorite combination without concern.

lolachampcar, My thoughts exactly. Cars dun really need Hazard gas to run now.

Everyone I introduced to Model S is sceptical about the horsepower/torgue. Even when I showed them it can outdrag a m5, they said it must be staged. Still hoping someone can send me a brochure over here in Singapore

Lolachampcar - very nice timing. Good to know about the AC, I was initially worried about choosing black interior in SoCal, but our summers are nothing compared to yours.

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