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Have you seen an S on the road today?

My wife and I, waiting for our S, play a silly game: "Seen a S today on the road?" Then we look at where we saw them. So far I have the record: just 2 in a day so far. All but one were in the mid-peninsula area. One black one seen entering I85 in Cupertino. Somehow it is satisfying to me to see them showing up. None seen so far appear to be demos: no copilot. Res number P7214 with Feb-Mar est delivery.

@eclectric - red outlined leather seats.

I didn't know that was a performance only option. Maybe that was me. I am driving my Model S as much as possible. Wife is scared of the first scratch, so,she tries to discourage me. This car is so fun to drive!

We saw a silver MS this morning in Palo Alto going in the opposite direction of me. The front end is very distinctive, but the rest of the car nearly blends in with other like cars. Can't wait to get mine !

Saw three this morning at Chez Zee in Austin. Two white and one grey. Beautiful. Joined them for brunch.

Saw 2 white & black- pulling out of the Denver service center while I was signing paperwork for mine. I hope to contribute to the South Metro sightings starting tomorrow.

Saw one tonight (signature red I think, it was dark) on Highway 17 close to Santa Cruz, while I was out giving a friend a ride. The car passed me, and I saw the 17" display, and thought, humph, and then it went in front of me, and no tail pipes! I thought I recognized the tail light pattern, but I did not know there are lights along the top of the back window when you brake (or regen), very cool!

I live in San Carlos CA. On Saturday, I saw 3 Model S in addition to mine! One grey, one blue like mine, and one Signature red. The factory is really cranking them out!

Well weve had our S for a week, and strangley we have only seen one S on the road all week, and we are in Menlo Park. It was a gorgeous pearl white,....sorta just like ours! just going the other way on El Camino Real.
We did see a lovely red Maserati, whose driver gave us a big thumbs up. Nice.

Maybe it was you, time-travelling/driving. :D ;)

Kids saw a red Tesla at the gym in Granite Bay, CA. We're expecting ours within a couple of weeks!

Saw one in Brookline MA last night, at St Mary's T stop on Beacon Street around 7:15 PM. It was White with Tech package (because of the xenon lights) and air suspension (because it was pretty low ... and they are the only ones in the wild).

~ Prash.

Images of an MS pumping iron, jogging on a treadmill, playing handball ...
;p LOL

Too funny! That would be a sight!

You crazy MS Folk! Several times a day, my wife asks me to read what I am giggling at.Thanks for the:-)
Oh yeah, saw a brown S on El Camino Real north of Redwood City.

Great car, great folk, very good giggles.

My first confirmed sighting - a black S driving southbound on Broadway in Boulder, CO about 2:30pm today (thought I saw a white one a month ago but it was too far away by the time the gears in my head clicked)...

@graphite - I saw a white S in Boulder between Xmas and New Year (my first and only sighting) so your eyes were probably not deceiving you.

Making some guesstimates here. Chicago area has at least 2 million cars. With maybe 100 Model S delivered, then only one in 20,000 cars is an S. By the end of the year that may improve to one in 2,000.

So far I haven't seen one yet, but I'm looking. However most of my driving is in low probability areas. Still waiting for someone to report seeing me in my white Model S.

Put your 'tag' along the sides of the car in red tape for a few months.

Just saw one before 6pm in Santa Cruz, it was at the light on River and Hwy 1, and there was a truck between it and mine, so I don't think he or she saw me. It was Silver or Grey, no license plate yet. It went on Highway 17 going north, and I thought about chasing it and waving, but then didn't.

In Portland OR I've only seen the brown demo for the last few months as they do the test drive past my office, but between yesterday and today I've seen 5! 2 charging at Washington Square in addition to the brown test car and what looks like a new green test car, 2 signature red's, one with WA plates and one with OR and a silver one on the Interstate bridge. Very cool to see!

Just cruised alongside a Sig Red model S this evening heading north on 101 near central San Rafael. I realize bay area sightings aren't exactly rare, but it was the first one I'd seen in the wild so I got a kick out of it. :)

I'm Jealous!! Around my parts "Arizona" Have not seen any in the wild, only the two at Fashion Square in Scottsdale in the showroom. :-(

Give it a quick "Shave and a haircut, 2 bits!" on the horn, and you'll get a look back! ;)

One brown, one black spotted yesterday on the Santa Cruz-Alpine run to 280.
Had not seen any for Days! other than our pearl. Not sure why seeing an S continues to thrill me. Hmmm? We know how great it is to be driving an S,and ice drivers don't? Ok,ok-- stop analyzing and just Enjoy!

Brian, sorry, don't know what you mean by "Shave and a haircut", is it a tune?
I saw ANOTHER Tesla today, a white or pearl white, about 3:30pm at the corner of Soquel and Chanticleer in Santa Cruz! They are sure showing up more frequently here. We waved at each other!

I saw a red sig S on First Hill near downtown Seattle today. Second one I've seen in the wild.


More like a rif. I must be older than Brian, because I remember it as "Shave and a haircut, ten cents."

hmm, OK, my husband explained it to me too. But that required a bit of technique on the horn, I had to lean on the horn today because somebody cut in front of me, and I barely got 2 honks out of the horn.

Can't believe I saw my fourth Tesla Model S this week a few minutes ago! Another white one. This one has a license plate "Number 06" I was right behind him and honked (or tried, boy it is not easy to honk the horn) but I don't think he saw me even then. On Hwy 1 turning into River St (into Santa Cruz)

Saw second one in n.j. At the n.j. Tesla motor club meeting lol. Does that count? First was mine.

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