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Hitch mount bike rack

Has anybody attempted to install a hitch mount bike rack. Unable to get answers from Tesla service center. Is there a "danger" to dammage the battery if a bike rack is installed underneath the car. I am an avid biker and want a permanent option to carry my bikes.

might have your answer. Other Model S owners have already installed.

I was thinking about getting the torklift hitch but I think I may go for this roof rack option instead

Roof racks are likely to have a much larger effect on noise/drag/mileage.

Depending on how many passengers you may have, a bicycle (mountain or road) easily fits inside even without taking off the wheels. I just use a blanket to contain everything and keep the interior clean. No problems yet and no increased drag.

Fit 2 adult and 1 child bike in the trunk with the seat back folded and my son in the other back seat. Needed to take the front wheels off of 2 of them. Would not have worked with >2 passengers.

I believe there were a number of folks who last year used this option. It looked like a pretty clean install but I'm not sure it's Tesla Motors approved.

It is TM-allowed, if not officially "approved." TM invited EcoHitch to display at Teslive, and I know of two hitches that were installed for a fee at Tesla Service Centers.

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