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I'm betting quite a few future would be BEV owners are making the question in subject. I'm one of them. As I don't have currently any car I didn't see any reason to get a garage in my apartment. There are few garages in my apartment building, but not enough for everybody. Also there are few parking spaces with possibility to connect block heaters, which would nicely work as slow charger spots, but again not enough. Common city situation. More cars than there are apartment parking places. People park in streets.

So what would a person with a BEV do if there is no charger in home to plug it in? In grand scale, this is a major problem. In Finland that is even bigger problem because of cold winters and over -20 centigrade temperatures, which is too much for Roadster battery without plugging it in.

Any thoughts how to solve that problem?

I once owned a wonderful Britanny dog named "Clipper" so the Clipper thing should be good,ha.

@dennis: I guess the newer HPC (Timo, it does stand for High Power Connector, but it has electronics in it to generate the signals the Roadster expects) are better than the original. The one I have is definitely not watertight.

Right you are... I just checked the manual myself. Just to be clear, that TS-70 you mentioned is the standard HPC supplied by Tesla. So they are all rated for outdoor use.

I think SteveU has the same HPC that I have. These were the original ones made by Tesla, not by Clipper Creek. I agree with SteveU that ours are not watertight. However, the Clipper Creek HPC is a descendent of the AVCON conductive chargers used by earlier generations of EVs, and that earlier charging station was definitely weatherproof. Many of them were installed outdoors.

By the way, HPC stands for High Power Connector. See where they now call it the High Power Wall Connector. I think they choose the word Connector rather than Charger because the significant charging circuitry is in the car. The HPC is mostly just a contactor (relay) to be able to apply or remove power safely.

We all know that one of the problem for the Electric Vehicle is the charging station. There are few stations that can be use by the owners. The United States Department of Energy wants to multiply
the amount of place of work plug-in electric vehicle charging stations tenfold in the next five years. To that reason, it has released the Workplace Charging Challenge, which has already attracted the involvement of 13 major companies and eight stakeholder businesses.

So there is movement in that direction. Slowly but surely EV's will become more and more accepted, and people will more and more prefer an EV instead of an ICE vehicle.

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