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How many G's does the Model S pull when turning

My dad swears that a Mustang can out corner a Model S. how many max-G's can a Model S pull?

Please provide references.

0.89 per Motor Trend

Yeah, not great on Gs. My 2012 911S pulled more than 1G. But the MS is quicker, especially in city traffic when you might punch it while going 30, etc.

Quick google search has M/T putting the Mustang at .94.

You have to understand that the S is a massive car and for it to come close to the Mustang is an amazing accomplishment.

Wait a minute, isn't the curb weight of a Mustang 25%-30% less than a Model S? That's certainly a factor to consider when looking at these numbers.

A mustang is also not a luxury sedan, so you need to compare apples to apples.

The Model S is not a track car. But for everyday driving, nothing beats it. The Mustang may pull more Gs, but on the highway, the Model S is the one I'd rather be driving - actually, I'd rather drive the Model S anywhere.

.94 x .7 = .658 vs .89 x 1
.89/.658 = 1.35

So the MS is "exerting" 35% more power.

Also, there are no published numbers yet for the Performance Plus packages, which should be even higher than the 0.89...

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