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How much "Model S" are on the road?

This thread is intented to give an overview of delivered Model S'ssssssssss.
If You received Your Model S, please add Your resevation number here, so we have an outline of how much cars are out there.

OK - 7 founders have received their cars. Promise to deliver in June kept. BUT. When are the next and regular deliveries to customers going to happen? There is no clue even from very low number sigs like Rod & Barbara.

Look at it this way: the longer you wait, the longer it will last!

There, feel better?
-- I thought not. ;)

Tesla said "in the beginning one car a day and than ramping up to 80 within some months... does that mean 7-10 Cars per week?

80 per day I guess.

Yes, they'll need a few more than that, even, by year-end to hit 20,000/yr. assuming a 5-day work week.

if You see the videos of the production-street... what is the amount of cars, they are producing per day, now?
Minimum 10, I guess...or?

80 / day is small number for that Fremont factory. When it was still NUMMI factory at the peak they made about 850 cars / day there. 80 isn't even one tenth of the capacity potential. They just need a few more lines in there to meet the 20k cars annual goal.

And I suspect that right now more time is spent in quality control than actual production. They'll probably have to do less of that as time progresses and they become more sure that they've eliminated any glitches in the production process.

I read an article today, where the CTO pointed out, that they are actually producing "one saleable Car" per day because of quality testing!

Brian H - Elon and others have said that 5000 vehicles would be the goal for 2012. 2013 production total might hit 20,000.

yes, I know; Elon expects to be at the monthly rate required by December, or more -- up to 2000 cars/mo, IIRC.

I believe one line on one shift is capable of the 20K/yr., 60K on 3 shifts. So it will be some time before they need to put in another line. If something like the Daimler drive-train is made there, that might warrant a new line! Or two ...

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