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How reliable arethe super charging stations (Gilroy station did not work today)?

Anybody has any input as to how reliable the super charging stations are - We had planned a small trip to try the super charger in Gilroy, CA today, but once we go there it was not working. Is this common or a rare occurrence?


All of them weren't working? I've never heard of that before. Maybe one might be out of commission, but Gilroy has at least 4 bays from what I can remember.

Was there a sign saying the supercharger was out of order, or did it simply not work when you plugged your car in?

All four bays were working on Saturday at around 7 pm. But I did have a problem with the charging bay on the far right. I was only getting 66 miles per hour of charge and then the charging stopped way before it was done. The charging port was red indicating a hardware failure. But I able to get it working properly by unplugging the car and plugging it back in. Then I got a much more delectable 200+ miles an hour. I've heard that two charge bays share the same stack of chargers and I think what happened is the car I was sharging a charger stack with finished charging.

I've yet to come across a Supercharger that is out of service so far. Been to Gilroy multiple times. Of curse there is the regular charger right adjacent to it. You could use that in a pinch.

If you suspect the Supercharger isn't working, call 877 798-3752 and select option 3. They have telematics to the Superchargers and should be able to give you up/down status.

All chargers were out - I believe - I called the service number on the charger and they were aware of the issue. There was another tesla waiting and he told us he was told they would arrive soon to fix it - after waiting a while we called and then we were told they did not know when it would be fixed so we drove back home. Luckily we did have enough charge to go home - we just wanted to try it to make sure it would be working when going on a longer trip :-)

@Panda88 and stevenmaifert: Thanks for the info. I'm planning to take another road trip this weekend that will require the Gilroy supercharger so I'll call the service number before I leave.

I just used it on Saturday.. hope I was not the one that broke it!

I just called and Tesla said 3 out of are working and the 4th may be working. I used it two Fridays ago and the first bay I went into stopped working and I switched to another bay. When I came back, someone else was at the bay I left and it was working.

I had a problem with the Gilroy charger on the far right about 4 weeks ago. The car would indicate "Ready to charge", but refused to start charging. After 5 minutes, disconnected and reconnected and still would not start the actual charge. No errors. I moved out of that stall to the one next to it, and the charge started immediately.

On the return trip 2 days later, another car was charging fine in the stall that I had a problem with so I don't quite know what was going on and caulked it up to a random quirk. I've had no problems with any other stations/stalls. I didn't think to call Tesla at the time since I was able to get the charge I needed.

While an 85 KW might be able to skip a site that's off-line, with my 60 KW, I'd likely be stranded. Perhaps I should have gotten the 85 KW!

"While an 85 KW might be able to skip a site that's off-line, with my 60 KW, I'd likely be stranded. Perhaps I should have gotten the 85 KW!"

Remember, there is a level 2 charger about 30 feet away - and, if necessary, can be used by your Tesla.

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