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I'm buying TESLA stock

I think Tesla are headed toward a bright future :)

Yeah, I have no reasonable prospects of high income from here on out, so in a month or three I'm thinking of playing with a few hundred dollars worth of Tesla options, maybe generate enough for an S in a year or two or three.

About that article, it's billion dollar Toyota play in Tesla is off by about a factor of 10. In the 2nd quarter report, Elon said their was a deal with Toyota in the works worth about 90X the most recent $100 million dedicated to the RAV4EV. That would be $9 billion.

90x? He did not say that. He said "an order of magnitude greater" which would be $1 billion.

Here is the transcript:

I just realized that the transcript is what is causing all the confusion. Not sure how the transcripts are generated, but whether computer or human error, its wrong. Just listen to the call, he talks about it very early on.


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