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LA Test Drive

Has anyone been contacted for the LA test drive event. If so could you post your reservation number, so others can determine if they have a chance of getting a test drive reservation.

Sig 610
Contacted 6/21 @ 4:45PM

For me it wasn't until this a.m. (8:32 PDT). I'm P 1649, but I've said no thanks, but will get the email for a later (Seattle) drive.

Sig#1013. Contacted 6/21. Driving Sunday, 7/1 at 11:00 AM


Received it Thursday afternoon..driving Sunday :))))

Received the invite this morning (P153). See you Saturday. @ 10am.

Just got it at 8:42am PT today (P4909). All time slots were still open, so it looks like most reservation holders will get an opportunity to attend. I'll be there at 10am on Sunday.

bbmertz.Lucky you and very interesting. I have NOT received my invite and my # is 3,916.

Got mine this morning at 8:34am PT today (P2785). Sadly I can't make it. I will be waiting for the Seattle test drive!!

Got mine this morning 8:30am pacific (p4564). Declining and will wait for Palo Alto event.

P5539 received invite at 8:34am PDT. Declined until future test drive event in my area.

P3446. Received e-mail at 8:34 AM pdt.all slots still available. I will be there Saturday 1 PM. can't wait

Mea Culpa - sorry TM. It arrived, we are so "amped."

P6000 received invite 11:35 EDT; declined until DC test drive in a few weeks.

My email was 8:34am PDT this morn. I was Sig now P4035. I'm signed up for 11am 6/30.

TikiMan, you mentioned you were Sat too. When you are you going to be there?

We're Amped!

I am P4996 and I received the LA invite this morning at 11:35 EDT. I live in Pittsburgh and will decline in favor of a closer test drive in DC or NY.

Unfortunately there aren't three RSVP options on the email like George said there would be...and I am afraid to click "No Thanks" for fear I will be excluded from future invites nearer to my home!

P4510. Got the LA invite. I will wait for the Palo Alto event.
JakeP: no need to worry! The follow up screen asks you if you would like to keep receiving invitations or not

Got my LA invite @ 10:34AM today. I was hoping to a closer location (Texas, maybe?) but will have to wait until they are doing this from the stores. Since I'm #5058, I figure that I have until early next year, but I'm hoping that this makes for the best Christmas present ever!

Oops, that's #P5058...

@mklcolvin: Sounds like they are still working through some legalities to allow test drives in Texas. Until then, I'm going to try to do mine in New York in July.

Recieved my invite this am. I'm #P5591, and will test drive around 1pm Sat, Jun 30.

P2982 and reserved Saturday the 30th at 10 AM. Wife is a little disappointed she can't drive also. But I'll make my drive worthwhile for her!!
Can't wait for this!!

P4932 declined LA for Palo Alto.

#5441 in for Friday morning L.A. test drive at 10am. The bummer is only one of us, wife or myself, will be able to drive the car.

Ifletch. The other, real bummer for you is the LA traffic, hope you live in Hawthorne.
My wife won the coin flip- she’s driving.

I'm 5,697, and I got contacted for the LA test drive event. Though I would love to see all of the paint and interior combinations, I declined. I am going to go to the Seattle test drive.

I was worried that I wouldn't get a slot with my late reservation number, but I guess that's not the case!

I received my "Get Amped Model S Test Drive tour in Los Angeles June 29 - July 1" but I declined to wait for the upcoming DC tour.
Since I live in Texas, I will have to fly-out to any of the locations anyway.

Capt601 | June 24, 2012 new

P2982 and reserved Saturday the 30th at 10 AM. Wife is a little disappointed she can't drive also. But I'll make my drive worthwhile for her!!

So, you make a plan. Halfway thru the drive, you pull over, and you and your wife do a fast switch. What're they going to do? Cancel your reservation? >:)

I live in San Jose and got my invite today.
I imagine I'll get a chance to drive one in the Bay Area sometime in the next 4 months?
I don't think I can make it this weekend, but if it's my only chance in 2012...

just saw they'll be in Palo Alto in July.
I declined the LA invite.

P-482 (Valencia, CA)
I received a Freemont invite, but deferred for the geographically more convenient LA test drive. Received the LA invite June 23, immediately signed up and got confirmation for Saturday, June 30 at 1:00 PM.

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