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Long wait...

I thought I would introduce myself as I finally decided to put a deposit on the Model X. Of course I am number 6336 so I think I be lucky to get it before the end of 2015...

I don't want a signature model because I will probably not add as many options to my Model X as the Signature is likely to have. I would just get a Model S, but as a big tall person, I just think the model X will be much more comfortable for me.

It is going to be a LONG wait. My hat is tipped to you guys/gals who have been waiting so long for your Model X.

I do currently have an EV to make the wait a little less painful. It is not as nice as a Tesla in any way, but it is fun to drive. If any of you want to see it you ca go to

Let's all hope that the release of the Model X is not too late into 2014....

Check the MS seating for yourself; some as tall as 6'7" have found there's lots of legroom.

I don't think it will take that long to get an X. Hopefully.

Brian I did test drive the MS. It was not bad and quit comfortable once I wad inside. However, I had trouble getting in (bad back) because it is so low. I also had limited visibility to see traffic lights due to the highly raked back windshield. I had the same issues with my 2008 corvette. It was one of the reasons why I sold it....

I am sure I would be happy with a MS, but if I am going to drop $80-90k on a car I want the most comfortable one I can get. I am Hoping that the MX will have a higher seating position and better visibility

@Webcrawler - Great job on the EVThing. Nice pics/video. Congrats on a job well done.

I currently own an S and have an X on order for my wife. I too hope it sits a little higher. (It be easier for me to get in and out of when she lets me drive it.)

I find that pumping the air setting to VERY HIGH before I exit the vehicle helps with the ease of exiting and re-entry. I just wish there was a setting that would automatically lift the car as it is put into park.

@ Webcrawler.

Thank you very much for sharing the link and your story. Your workmanship and design detail are impeccable. You clearly earned that trophy and title. How funny to take a Volkswagen from the rrrr, shift, rrrr, shift, rrrr, shift to mmmmmmmmm.

My wife, who is 110 lbs, loves the S but complains all the time that it is to low and hard to get in and out of. I have an X on order and expect she will find entry and exit easier.

One more data point re: tall people. I am 6'5" tall and I canceled my Model S order because the headroom is inadequate. Well, maybe it's barely adequate, my head was not touching the ceiling, but it was not really comfortable and I couldn't see compromising on something like that for a car that I would likely have for many, many, many years.

If I remember correctly the Leaf has 4" more headroom than the Model S. I will drive the Leaf until the Model X comes out.

I here you ElectricAvenue... I am a little over 6'-4" and the head room was an issue for me as well.

I may get a BMW i3 next year for the wife. She does not need the range of the Model S/X and I actually think I would enjoy driving the i3 occasionally...

I know is sounds weird, but the head room and vision out of my 1974 EVThing is actually quite good although I did have to move the seat track back about 2". Of course the trade off is that it has the aerodynamics of a brick...

Have you used the side controls on the seat to move it all the way down and back? Someone 6'7" found that solved his problem.


I played with the seat for about 10 minutes and never found that sweet spot. There is plenty of leg room, it was the head room that I had problems with. I just did not like being that close to the head liner. If I got a MS I would get the glass roof as that added a little head room. I also had limited visibility out of the windshield. I do not like having lean in and look up to see traffic lights and over head street signs. I am sure that 6-7" people could drive the car.

Like I say, I had a 2008 Corvette that had very similar seating/vision issues. I drove it for 4 years so it was not a deal breaker. I just think I would like the Model X better...

I test drove the Model S and at 6'9" have found that I could drive it comfortably, headroom and all. Fits me as well as any other sedan I drive/ride in. I'll have more issue with the smaller models (post Model X) I suspect from a comfort perspective...

I would like the Model X to be a more upright drive, similar to the Honda Odyssey minivan I currently drive.

Anticipation is one of the most underrated emotions :) I'm in the signature 200s and am hoping that I'll have something by the end of 2014. Once they start production the queue moves quickly.

Phil, I have no idea how you guys with the early reservations have handles the wait... It is killing me...

chill, we will all get ours when they are READY. Thank all those that be, that Tesla doesn't force it out, and then --- OOOPPPPSSSS like GM does.
patiently waiting, (4145)

I am definitely waiting patiently. Now is a good time to create an extra buffer regarding our finances before we plunk down a boat load of cash.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder ... and more desperate.

6'9" and you fit in the Model S? I'm 6'6" and it was very tight. My head was very close to the ceiling but the bigger problem was poor visibility through the windshield. I would have to stoop over and look up to see traffic lights. The back seat was the deal killer for me ... no room at all, especially with the front seat pushed all the way back. Then again, I'm used to my Audi A8-L W12, which has tons of room everywhere, even if it is a shameless gas guzzler. I too am holding out for the Model X, which also has the advantage of AWD. I think it will be VERY popular in the northeast and ski resort areas. I just wonder how the battery will hold up in cold weather, especially given the drain from heating the interior.

I am 5'10 and also test drove the Model S and found the seat, visibility, and ease of getting in and out cumbersome for the luxury car it is. I have a Leaf and have none of the same issues. I have placed a reservation for the Model X and hope they've improved these serious functions for the vehicle.

I own a Model S and have a low reservation number for the X. I think the early S model had "issues" which have been corrected in my car as well as the new releases. I'm wondering if I should wait until a couple thousand have been delivered and the bugs are known and corrected. Just thinking.

I think the Model X will have a lot fewer bugs than the X. It built on the S platform, and aside from the rear doors and the additional motor, all the electronics should be the same, so 'issues' should be minimal. My reservation number is high enough that I feel there will be sufficient guinea pigs before I actually start finalizing, and I will hopefully still have it by the end of 2014. I think one of the reasons for the significant delay is all the testing that they are doing before stating the vehicle is ready for production. Fixing things after the fact really cuts into profits.

Does anyone have an update for release of the sig X? I'm on the sig list in 400's- with the new statement on the release of the new E model in 2015- have they forgotten about the model X????

They haven't forgotten. The model E was mentioned in passing; you won't find an official blog post about it, and that car will only be in concept form in 2015. I would feel safe in assuming delivery in 1Q2015. I'm in the 200s and I've still got my fingers crossed for a 4Q2014 delivery.

Phillip- you're talking about the signature X in Q4?

I just read that supposedly, the X will be ready mid 2014. I think it was on digitaltrends

@Triciwade18 - Yes 4th quarter 2014. Tesla has repeatedly said that the X will start delivery at the end of next year. With major production in 2015.

They don't even have an alpha testing model running around yet let alone a final design solidified yet. In the last quarterly earnings call Elon said they are doing some design tweaking of the X so we don't even know what it will look like for sure.


Wow, I must have been asleep when I was writing my prior post. Several typos. Oops...

Thanks Goneskiian!
I will patiently will be waiting. We have the S now- but unfortunately it belongs to my husband, and he only let's me drive it once a week!!! Thus, 'Tesla Thursdays' are getting quite old!

Btw: anyone happen to know when the signature colors are to be released?

No news on anything X lately unfortunately. Just speculation. ;-)



I got impatient and ordered a Model S... Yea I am like a kid waiting for Christmas....

I figured that the Model X was at least two years out for me with my high reservation number so i'll re-visit the X in a couple of years.

The wife may have confiscated the MS by then....

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