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Model S Financing

I was wondering if anyone has financed a Model S. I heard that Wells Fargo has some people working in Model S financing.

I know financing has to do more with credit scores but it would be good to hear about rates, etc.

I spoke with a guy at Tesla, who took my application. When I picked up my car, I wrote a check for $4K+ something, in addition to my earlier $5K deposit, and signed a note for the balance on an $80K purchase. 1.99%/60 months. I have accounts with both USBank and Wells, but asked Tesla to place my loan with Wells because I already borrow more from USBank.

It could not have been any easier. Thank you, Tesla Motors.

I called Jason at Alliant, he does not work after 3... hmm most people work till 5pm.

Am not active duty or federal employee so PenFed has no advantage (not going to pay membership fee then be declined).

Sent a email to no response in two days...

Grrr... Do not want to wait till one of my houses sell to complete the sale. Anyone want to buy a house in Albany, New York? 4 to choose from... hehe


Who are you working with at TM than makes it so easy? Can I call them?

I worked with Thomas Chu, at [].

Modified by Nick Kinkaid, Tesla Motors.

Just talked to Thomas, he is VERY helpful, hopefully he can get the greenlight so will get my S in July!!!

My DS says they will mail the MCO and Title Application after they receive full payment. While my credit union is requiring a copy of the MCO and Title Application indicating they are the lienholder before payment can be sent.

I'm hoping Tesla will accommodate. Has anyone else experienced this kind of hold up?

ALLIANT only required final MVPA. Check mailed FEDEX the next day.

I recommend Alliant Credit Union, 1.49% up to $70,000 for 72 months its a no brainer. They were easy to deal with and got the check in a few days. Originally signed up with PenFed but there rates were 1.99%. Had to pay membership fee of $15, well worth it. Many a Tesla owners use Alliant.

1.49% with Alliant. Super easy process!

Yes I did my financing through Robert at Alliant Credit Union. He was very easy to work with. Got 1.49% with great service. His contact is 773-462-3705. Super easy and fast hope it helps.

NO BUYBACK OPTION IF OUTSIDE FINANCING USED. I started the Alliant process based on the above, then called Tesla to find out if its buyback offer after 36-39 months would still be viable. No. You must use Tesla financing to get buyback option. Maybe that is why Tesla's affiliated banks charge 2.95/3.00% compared to 1.49% at Alliant.

Yes, that's why some choose to go with Tesla financing, just for the buyback guarantee, even though it is more expensive. Tesla financing interest rates can be lowered by going with fewer months. I'm getting 2.24% for 60 months through Tesla/US Bank.

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