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"New Delivery Method" for Texas

Well they told me in a text I was going to be "the first to get my car" the "new way" in Texas.

After telling me my car would be in Dallas and delivered to my house Wed., Andy in Ca. told me that the DS was wrong and my car would only be getting to Dallas Wed. It would take a couple of days to get it fixed up at the Service Center.

So I was in North Dallas and thought I would swing by to see where the new service center was and what do I find but about 30 Model Ss headed to Austin, Houston etc. sitting out there pretty as you please. Jack Batson said they had all been dropped there to be made ready for delivery nice and clean before going to each owner. I told him mine should be arriving today and I would certainly love it if I could get it by the weekend as I was leaving town.

He checked his paperwork and said "Heck, yours is here and ready to go".... So I called Whitney and asked if I could just pick it up since I had paid etc. She said she would get back to me but the thinks the "new system" will let a person pick up their car from the Service Center. She was getting on a plane from Atlanta and would email papers to me to sign as soon as she landed. So at about 3 I started to worry and called Jack to see if I could go get it. He said " Hey, a truck driver just showed up and we will deliver it in a couple of hours" Damn, I'm never the first at anything.

But you people that are waiting may get to pick yours up in the future. Good luck.

My DS told me similar story about shipping the car to the service center and then it will be delivered on a smaller truck after it has been readied for delivery.

Well, it sounds to me like you guys are getting a FAR better and more consistent delivery going forward. Very good to hear.

The only upsetting part about it is that my car will sit for 2-3 days only 200 miles from Houston.

That's great that they found a new way to do it! I was probably one of the last people to take delivery "the old way" then--I just took delivery on the 5th. It was all clean and sexy when I got it though! I was expecting it to need detailing like my friend Ray's when he got his. Woohoo!

Where is the dallas service center? The maps show it over on gaston.

13725 Welch Road in Farmers Branch (just north of LBJ).

Great thats like 5 blocks from my house:)

I spoke to Jack Baston today - he said that they still can't be involved at delivery. Tesla is just having the cars brought to the service center for final prep and then a 3rd party delivers them. He said there were over 40 at the service center now - they are cleaning them as fast as they can in preparation for delivery.

My car is being built this week and should be done. Does anyone know if they are shipping them to Texas before payment? Still haven't received my final MVPA and bank won't release money till they have the final version.

Anyone know when the houston service center will open?

Call Whitney. She is the coordinator for the state and she is working on the "new method" whereby they send you paperwork, you sign, and then can pick it up. At least that is what she told me. She may have jumped the gun.

I think this will be great, no longer will you have to take your car to the service center to get the minor things fixed and detailed. And hopefully no one will just show up at your door with your car on the back of a truck.


Do you have a number and email for Whitney? Thanks.

650 223 5365

@spraisoody, mine is on a truck that left early this week and final payment should occur today. Hope to have it this weekend (my window is through the 19th).

I am picking up my MS tomorrow afternoon at the Dallas Service Center.

My payment was confirmed yesterday. My car has been in Austin since Saturday and is finally cleared for delivery. Still not sure when, hopefully tomorrow or Saturday. Apparently you can pick it up in Austin if you wanted and the DS would go over the car with you. But houston is a little too far the 60. I would think once the service center in houston opens, things would be.a little faster.

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