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New orders - delivery times

How long is the wait time for buying a Model S? Is the wait time any different for the 60W & 85W.

I took delivery of my MS in May of this year after a 3 month wait and am just curious if wait times since then have gone up or down.


This is easy to find out simply by going to the "Design" page here. Teslas says 1 month for a P85, two months for an S85, and three months for a 60.

Recent U.S. delivery periods have been closer to:
85kw: 4-5 weeks
60kw: 6-8 weeks

Not sure if European deliveries have slowed this down in recent weeks...

Times are down. Used to be measured in years.

I was at the factory monday. Dozens and dozens of finished cars waiting to ship. Rows of racks full of body panels. A huge section of factory floor full of finished drive modules.

It was great to see the factory in production cranking out cars.

I haven't seen as much of a difference between P85/85/60 as advertised.

I finalized my 60kWh order on June 16th. The car arrived at the local service center (SoCal) on July 18th. And that's with the week of no/less production after EOQ to retool the line for the Euro cars.

my P85 order finalized 7/1 and delivered to my home in Midwest on 8/1.

Finalized my 60 on 6/26 delivered on 7/26

Confirmed order for P85 on 8/5 and my pickup date at the factory is 9/10. This config included the parking sensors, pano roof, etc.

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