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New York Times Article - And My response

John - I assume you did the research, or perhaps someone at Tesla told you, that when you go for an extended trip you you do a max charge - that would have given you 265+ miles of rated range. When you go on a road trip in your gas car do you put 12 gallons in a 14 gallon tank?

If I go somewhere in my gas car, spend $8 to get 2 gallons and 60 miles of range, but needed 3 gallons to go 90 miles and get there, and run out of gas, shame on me. Plug in overnight, always. It's EASY.

Here's the equivalent - you get gas when you need to. You plug in every night when you get to your destination. There are more outlets in America than gas pumps - probably at least 1 million times more. Every outlet in America is a refilling station. Come on!

Why didn't you point out the basics that you failed on? If you ran out of gas would you blame Ford for not telling you the car's MPG, or Exxon for not having a station when you needed it?

Driving an electric car is NOT less convenient, it just asks you to think differently. Takes effort, just like a gas car requires effort. If you start simple-mindedly with the gas paradigm as the baseline, you have made a basic mistake. Would get on a bike and write a negative article because you couldn't make it go 65 MPH? Please make the effort next time and acknowledge when you don't.

I'm pretty surprised by the NYT, they have to know that a car like this would have logs...pretty much a black box for the car. sure EVs are not like gas cars, so think a little and plan ahead. the car has a 17 touchscreen with internet connection for a reason. in reading the story, he states that he had to charge up at the Norwich station and the only place was Butch's and it was a breakfast club that only served members only...checking I can see a few other places to eat...what am I missing. It doesn't sound like he knows which end to plug it!

Someone at Reddit pointed out that he did the first leg of the trip at an average speed of 81 MPH (114 miles in 84 minutes). That's Average Speed, no doubt he went plenty faster than that from time to time. I wonder what the Maryland State Patrol would do with the logs....

I always wonder which Tesla I should buy, car or stock. Both are so attractive. Since We have to wait at least half a year for Model S and at least one year for Model X, this is good time to buy stock.

@Oliver - link to the reddit comment?

here's the map on NYT site with the times and mileage information

It appears that he left at 11 with a full 'tank' and arrived at 12:24 after driving 114 miles. That's 114 miles in 84 minutes (just over 81 MPH).

John Broder's list of publications at NYT is pretty interesting as well. Plenty of interest in oil.

What I don't understand "I drove, slowly, to Stonington, Conn., for dinner and spent the night in Groton, a total distance of 79 miles. When I parked the car, its computer said I had 90 miles of range, twice the 46 miles back to Milford." I am sure it can be explained but really isn't well written. How do drive 80 miles away and can get back in only 46. When small things don't add up you begin to question everything???

I find this interesting, from
I was already experiencing anxiety about range and had called a Tesla employee from the New Jersey Turnpike to ask how to stretch the battery. She said to shut off the cruise control to take advantage of battery regeneration from occasional braking and slowing down. Based on that advice, I was under the impression that stop-and-go driving at low speeds in the city would help, not hurt, my mileage.

How are "occasional braking and slowing down" the same as "stop-and-go driving at low speeds in the city"? It seems to me that "under the impression" was actually a bad assumption, or at least incorrect extrapolation, on the part of Mr. Broder.

Broder is not a fool...he is a puppet


I thought Elon did a great job as well and I would not have said it better. I was impressed on CNBC and found him extremely composed.

Anyone who has heard him speak would recognize his style. He is who he is, a brilliant entrepreneur. Not a silver tongued politician. The best example of Elon's public speaking recently was the Superchatger release.

others with more experience can chime in, but my experience is that the S is great in stop and go traffic and you don't lose much range because of the regen. we had to go over the 5 (that is interstate 5 for you nor from SoCal) from Tejon Ranch into L.A. going up 4000 feet or so elevation, in super slow stop and go traffic, taking more than 1 hour for a few miles, in pouring rain, back in Nov, and the range did not suffer too much. 2.5 hours total for 90 miles, rated range went from 236 to 118, when not crawling, we were doing 65-70 mph,

The New York Times recently eliminated their Environmental Desk. Now they "test" the Tesla FastCharging system by having a nitwit jerk do a sabotage job. What has happened to the NYT???

@bostoncde -- You asked about real world experience in cold weather.

We took our S from north of Boston to Portland Maine, a 200 mile round trip, over the cold MLK weekend in January. Did a range charge before starting, beginning with around 280 miles estimated range. Car was fully loaded with two kids in the back, luggage, and plumbing repair gear (a different story) -- we even had to use the frunk. We turned on the seat heaters and gave an electric blanket to the kids, then set climate to range mode. Shall we say, "kept up with the flow of traffic," and the remaining range upon arriving in Portland was 150.

Then, we left the car parked outside for two days and nights as temps dropped as low as 10F. Upon returning, car had 100 miles estimated range - and we started looking up all the charge possibilities for the 100 mile return (we had planned for this). Once again, electric blanket, range mode, but this time set the cruise control to 65. Made it all the way back, everyone comfortable, with 20 miles to spare. Would post pix of the display if I knew how. Total distance was 206.9 miles using 69.4 kWh at 336 Wh/mi. Note, non-performance using 19inch wheels.

When my husband went back to Portland in February, the kind folks at RevisionEnergy let him park at their solar EV charger for the day and he was able to drive back without worrying about range at all.

@portia - an EV or hybrid doesn't lose as much in stop-and-go traffic, but it still isn't good for your efficiency. Besides the motor being less efficient below about 25mph, all the accessories burn power by the minute rather than by the mile, so sitting in traffic is still bad for your range.

For example, tonight on my way home there was an accident and it took an hour to go five miles. At the end of it, the car was reporting my projected range based on the 5-mile average was 26 miles (!), while the dashboard showed ~190 rated miles. I couldn't see how high my Wh/mi was, but by the time I got home my complete round trip (as measured since the last charge) was 414 Wh/mi, compared to typical around 370.

@treeva - I assume those were ideal miles, since I haven't seen above 271 rated miles even when completely full, is that right?

How do you plug an electric blanket in a tesla?

@treeva ... that's great. We, too, make similar trips but, from Boston to Kennebunk and in the Summer.

Elon -- during this firestorm, keep on point and sell the car. Educate every time you go on tv. Get buts in seats doing test drives. The car will sell itself. The advantages are that good. Build it and they will come. You built it, they will continue to come!

Other than this hapless reporter, has any driver of a Model S ever run out of charge? I would doubt it.

The guy why did 423 miles did, but that was deliberate. :-)


Dave, you could use a level 2 charger. There are several in your area. Check out

Where is Tesla's response, the log data??? Time is running and this is not looking good for TM. Lots of uncertainty created and they cannot afford to lose this window to retract the "fake" report in NYT!

If you have an image-storage account, like imageshack or such, store the pix there. For each one you need to grab the specific URL (some sites make it easier than others). Then use standard HTML in a post:

<img src="Put URL here" width="500">

That will give you the max width of this page. E.g.:

Hey Brian!

That picture looks alot like where my house is. Talk about some good ol' seat puckering range anxiety?

Ever notice how all these news rag reviewers manufacture a way to have range issues? Well we did not charge to max, or we did not plug in overnight, We could not wait long enough to add the range needed? We thought we could make it, the list goes on and on.

Anxiety sells ...

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