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Not able to disable traction control

When I go into the controls-settings, one 'toggle' bar is for traction control, seemingly allowing you to turn traction control off. However that 'toggle' control is greyed out so that I cannot change the setting. Anyone know why?

Did you put your foot on the brake to start the car first?

Some (not all) of the selections have to be made when the car is in park. I am not sure if traction control is one of them.

Right, in park with the foot on the brake.

I've turned off the TC while driving many times.

I did not know you can turn off the traction control. Car and Driver said you have to pull a fuse in order to de-active the TC.

I believe you have to pull a fuse to disable the Stability control (which is different from traction control).

You can only partially turn of traction control on the screen. To completely disable it and get full burn-out wheelspin, you have to pull a fuse out (also disables the air suspension and speedometer):

I went to the drag strip and just disabled TC to clean the tires off. Just stopped, turned it off, burned out with plenty of smoke, turned it back on and raced.
See for yourself... It burns just fine.!i=2580816885&k=Hh5vX6r

@PD - you can spin the tires with TC off, but if you want to drift you have to pull the fuse to cut off stability management. Otherwise, it brakes the inside rear hard when it detects the yaw angle doesn't match steering input. The threshold is pretty high on ASM though, as I was only able to trigger it when trying to.

Although I do have an s85, I cannot appreciate any different behavior with traction control off. I get zero spin, chirp, squeal, etc. Is that just explained by the difference in torque?

@jfewins - do you have 21" wheels? They have stickier tires, so have better grip. If the surface isn't smooth and clean, I can get wheelspin with TC off just starting off in my S85 with 19" wheels, but mostly you will see it accelerating hard out of a corner.


I have 19 inch wheels. I almost regret not getting the p85. However, in the 3 weeks I have had the car, I would not have much need for it. Most of my commute is stop and go and low speed driving. I rarely get the ability to gun it, so in essence, the s85 is more than enough. Still would like to get some of that spin off the line for fun though.

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