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I am curious as to what type of people the reservation holders are. Let's share some personal information while we wait for our babies to come.
I am a 48 year old internist. I have been in practice in Gurnee Il for 20 years. Married, 2 teen boys. My hobby is building wooden ship models. I drive a Chevy Volt. Now you know!

@engle: I had been thinking that a Model S would be a perfect vehicle for someone in your line -- roomy, superb visibility, plenty of room for a whole family to be chauffeured from house to house, and silent so you can converse with your clients. Just keep lots of Tesla brochures in the car, too!
P.S. My grandmother on my mom's side emigrated from Norway to Providence.

@ThomasN - the one I have is exactly like this with dual 320 Kilobyte 5-1/4" disk drives and a 9" green phosphor CRT:

It was the first machine Compaq ever built. It used an 8-bit Intel 8088 CPU running at 4.77Mhz with 640K RAM. MSRP was $3,590. Looking back, I should have spent this on the stock, instead of the product. Maybe someday I'll wish I'd spent my money on more TSLA stock instead of a Model S! :-)

Perhaps you were thinking of this Compaq model?

Sorry to go off-topic!

I'm a 36 year old IT Director in the Silicon Valley who sold his 2004 Honda Accord V6-EX Leather and put that money into TSLA which I would sell to pay down the Model S. Right now I drive the family car, a 2007 Toyota Rav4 with the optional +2 seats which I need for my large family. Wife and 4 kids (2 now 1 year old twin boys), a 9 year old boy and 14 year old girl.

75 year old semi retired engineer Have driven a solectria ev for 7 years but have received a volt within the last month

35-yr. old heir to some money, since I think I've mentioned that before. Not comfortable saying much more demographically (although it's easy enough to find out a lot online, these days).

My ex is from around Elmira. RU planning to relocate upscale to Horsebottom, or whatever it's called?

I am 34 married, 1 baby boy and a small dog. My wife has '10 BMW X5 and I drive an '09 Lexus IS-350 with a lot of F-Sport equipment. I work at Microsoft on the Xbox team.

I hope the Model-S has an app for a Windows Phone and it's not a very expensive iPhone accessory ;)

I'll be 55 before my Sig S shows up ...gasp!
Retired married software developer living in Bellevue, WA with 1 son (24) and twin daughters (22), only one has found fulltime employment and moved out... sigh.

These days I do quite a bit of photography and volunteering. Counting on my S to make road trips for volunteer projects and photo shoots practically free compared to my 11yr old 12mpg Durango.

Advertise in China. I hear they're really short of women! Probably get a really good price ... more than enough to get an X, too!


46yo anesthesiologist in the SF Bay area. I went to the Factory Ride event in October, which really cemented by decision to get a Model S. I have 2 kids, the oldest is 15 and will be getting his driver license right about the time my S gets delivered. I guess he'll get my 2207 Infiniti G35S sedan.

Your 2207 infiniti G35S sedan must be very futuristic looking.

Yeah, what're the designs and drivetrain gonna be like 200 yrs. down the road? Can you post pix?


I am a 50-year-old engineer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Married for 23 years with one child. I Drive a Volt and am fully off the grid (a Photovoltaic 15 kWp system). My manifesto “has a light carbon footprint to empower and not burden future generations."

I am a 24 year old filmmaker from Dallas, TX. I primarily do DP lighting and camera operation in several categories (commercial, music, etc.), and I've been shooting professionally for almost 11 years.
I'm a musician and tech-geek in my spare time, and I currently drive a 2004 Saturn Ion.

@Mark32: Out of curiosity, are you truly off the grid, or is it that generate during the month as much power as you use?

26 year old software engineer from the San Francisco Bay Area. I drive a 2004 Acura TSX currently. Wanted to buy an A4, but felt bad about gas consumption so was debating between it and a Prius. My friend said "hey, why don't you buy both?" and showed me the Model S. I reserved one the next day.

Tax attorney. Currently drive a Mercedes s500. Like the thought of going green and model s makes that easy if tesla truly delivers a luxury car with the advertised performance. 300 mile range should be adequate for all but mt longest trips and for those, my wife and I will take her gas guzzler!

I am a 34 year old Anesthesiologist, married with 4 boys ages 10 to 1. I live near Boise, ID. My hobbies include outdoors activities like skiing, camping, and obsessing about my future Model S. I think I might be the only one from Idaho on the demographics list...

32 year-old Director of Training for an engineering software company (@leofingal: I work in metrology too). Married 5 years with a 16 month-old son living in Smithfield, VA, and originally from Glenview, IL (near the other Gurnee/Buffalo Grove/Wilmette topic posters).

I've been an Air Force pilot, mechanical engineer, meteorologist, entrepreneur, videographer...I guess that about covers it.

As you might guess, I have too many hobbies and far too little time. Currently driving a bottom-of-the-line 2005 Toyota Corolla (never had any runaway accelerator incidents)....The first thing I'm going to do when the Model S arrives (#P1577) is give a ride to all my naysayer friends and show them how much their gas-powered sh@tmobile sucks. ;)

I love all these we want to steal your identity threads. "Who are you", "where do you live", "describe yourself".

Um, thanks but no thanks.

Wow, that's some serious paranoia. You can get more detail out of the public phone book than 99% of these posts provide.

5 minutes at a party could get much better information. 5 minutes in line at the local store could even get credit card info...

*shrug* I think people could figure out who I am from the posts, but I still don't think they're gonna call asking for a ride. ;-)

Agreed! That's some serious paranoia. It boils down to lack of trust. But back on topic, let's put our trust in Tesla!

Bumping this thread for those who are more trusting. ;-)

40 yr old. Teach college classes/entrepreneur. Live in NJ with wonderful wife for 15 years and 4 crazy kids. Tesla Roadster, Audi Q7 and a Honda Odyssey ( bet no one hits that car combo).

43 year old antiques dealer in the Netherlands. Driving a Renault Trafic now.

42yo techie exec (healthcare now and formerly energy/utilities so still fixated on energy) - waited to sit in an alpha/beta before making a sig reservation - other vehicles 1999 bmw, 2004 volvo xc90, 2010 mini...expect those to be our last petrol-based cars. married w/ 2 girls...

53 year old business owner supporting DoD. Married 23 years. Currently thinking less about me and more about my legacy. Excited about supporting anything EV. My first car was a used 72 Corolla. I bought gas in 1976 for $0.50 a gallon. Love Sci-fi and technology. Have owned cars from all the major brands.
Most fun car: 2003 Lexus SC430 (for sale, 27,000 orig. Miles)
Least fun car: 1973 Pinto wagon
Most reliable: 2009 Lexus RX350
Most trouble: 1984 BMW 318i
Worst guzzler: 2009 Toyota Land Cruiser (owned 1 month)
Most comfy: 2009 Toyota Land Cruiser
Most funky: 1981 Subaru (purchased in the 90s)
Most sensible: 2006 Toyota RAV4
Shortest ownership: 1984 Mercedes 190E (3 weeks, rear ended by a truck while sitting at a red light)


I am fully off the grid (Hybrid inverters with batteries) with a manual reconnect to become 'grid tied' as necessary - for this vehicle, and my current Volt, I have added an additional 4.4 kWP.

Is there a payback? over time yes BUT the goal was prospective cash flow normalization in the outlying years.

I am a 53 year old architect living in Southern California with my beautiful wife. We have two college age sons. The model S will be replacing my wife's Honda Odyssey.

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