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parking sensor retrofit not ready yet but...

I got an email from ownership experience that says they are trying to assess customer interest in this. So if you are interested let them know. Evidently they are keeping track of who responds.

Updated 10/28

If all you read is this, then know that TMC has decided not to offer this as an upgrade/retrofit. They say the cost is about $6K. I have heard all sorts of reasons for this from you have to replace the bumper to you have to replace the system console computer. Not sure what to believe except that they are not going to offer it.





Frankly, this should have been available from the first car as it's not new tech by any stretch of the imagination.

@pylt There is not one item on the software wish list that is new tech. It's all just stuff they couldn't get to because they were busy building the most incredible and safest car in the world and they wanted to start selling it while we were all still alive.
I sense that every time they enable new features, rear guidelines, fob designated driver settings, better audio content managing, etc., someone will always say that they should have had it from the start. And sometimes, I'll be that person.

It's not going to be cheap. The VP told me ahead of time it won't be cheap or easy. It sounded like it was going to cost several thousands of dollars to retrofit it.

I don't know where i got that abbreviation. It is the parking sensors. Or proximity detection. You should call or send email through the contact us page. I heard back from Peter Welch. I think it's best to find out what they will offer it for, and then quibble about the price. I'm sure that their concern on this is the precedent that they are going to set. For my part, this feature and proximity lines on the camera are must have's. They affect me right now and also affect the resale value.

This shouldn't be expensive (although it will likely be). Some owners have purchased after-market proximity sensor and they aren't expensive.

$500 for factory installation should mean no more than $1500 for after-market even if they have to remove and drill the bumpers.

i'm interested.

@david For a time it was referred to as Park Distance Control if I recall correctly.

I expect Tesla will want to make good money off this retrofit; otherwise, it won't be worth it to them. I won't expect it to be less than 1500. I'd love to see the sensors and wiring sold that integrates into the computer. I can do my own installation or hire someone to do it. (Yes, I know this won't happen either.)

I don't see this as a money maker for Tesla. Say they've delivered 15K cars without. Some people just don't want it, some will not get it because of the price, and some already installed their own. I would guess that at most, 5000 would be sold and probably fewer. I view it more as a goodwill item for those who bought the car early and contributed to the current success. That would mean more than a profit on it. However, no matter what happens, some people are going to be PO'd. But let's face it, I agree that $1500 ought to be the highest they charge.

Ownership told me they'd be out with pricing/logistics by the end of the month. On TMC, some people have said they were told it would be much greater than $1,500 as it is a lot of work. All wild speculation and, given the push to deliver more MS, the SC buildout and Model X, probably not at the top of Tesla's list. After all, they've already delivered any car that would be retrofitted. With the end of year push, I think we will have to wait a long time for retrofit info. I hope I am wrong.

Not interested in PDC but would love some fog lights!

I'm interested in the parking sensors as long as the cost is anywhere near reasonable.


My local service center pretty much told me not to hold my breath for parking sensors because they would have to order the bumpers from Fremont and it would be a very costly affair. However, in the case of fog lights, they are integrated into the entire part that contains the cornering lights. Getting fog lights should be a very easy matter of ordering two new cornering light assemblies w/ fog lights. The hookups are already there and the software will recognize them.

I would probably bet that fog lights would be made available as a retrofit (least cost/effort - just swap parts) while parking sensors will not be made available due to the logistics and the number of things that can go wrong - bumpers may not match color perfectly, may get damaged in transit, etc.

I would retrofit.

Bumper change out is an interesting idea. My wife backed our Nissan leaf into our Tesla in the driveway. The Leaf looked like a garbage truck had attacked it. The Tesla is damaged but you really have to look to see the damage. Tesla won. Leaf left rear corner and Tesla right front corner.

Maybe the upside is a new front can be an upgrade. Always looking for the upside.

Because of this I had to order a P85+. November delivery then the S85 can go in for repairs. Another upside.

His and hers and the Leafs get passed on to other family members.

Any chance Tesla will offer the PDC as an option for the front bumper only? For me, the camera is enough for the rear. Or might there be a front camera instead of PDC?

I am definitely interested.

I have been calling them and asking them at least once a month.

We know Tesla monitors these boards so there is no way they don't know that owners want this.

+1 for VERY interested in parking sensors. Judging where the front of the car is is difficult for me. I'm OK in the back with just the camera.

I've emailed and asked myself, they have to know there is demand for this option. I also am interested in the fog light option as well.

I would actually prefer a front camera to parking sensors. They could add a 2nd camera feed on the big 17" display, underneath the backup display, to show you both sides of the vehicle. That would be a unique feature not offered on most other cars.

I've asked to be put on the list....still waiting.

I would rather have cameras than sensors as well. There is definitely enough space on the 17" display to do both.

What is the email address for ownership experience?

+1 Amped, front camera would be sufficient for me.
But how would you enable it? I wouldn't want it on all the time when I drive forward. Maybe instead of activating the camera by shifting, like the reverse camera, the front camera could be activated by pressing the camera button on the top of the display.

One concern with a front camera is how quickly bugs/dirt/stones will obscure the view. I suspect that's the main reason no other manufacturer does it yet. You could put a camera in the windshield, but then it's too high to see the area in front of the bumper. Perhaps if it was motorized so that it only opened up when needed and not while driving over 2-3 mph, it could work.

The easiest way to contact ownership is to go to the contact us page and fill out the email form. Just choose a topic that is close.

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