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I learned recently that, upon becoming a Tesla owner, I will have use of the Tesla reserved parking spaces at the Houston Galleria. There are 4 or 5 of them roped off and 2 of them have Roadster chargers available.

This is a huge perk - not that I spend a lot of time at the Galleria (and when I do it's often just to visit the Tesla store). But when I go, if it happens to be on a weekend or during holiday shopping season or whatever, it can be a royal pain to find parking.

In addition, there are EV parking spots at places like Whole Foods (again, I rarely go but my wife likes it). And I was tipped off by someone on this board that my favorite restaurant Twin Peaks has two EV parking spots available only steps away, which I've yet to see occupied.

I don't anticipate actually needing to charge at any of these places since I'm getting the 85kwh battery, but I find that I'm very excited about the prospect of having VIP parking at many venues. [Side question: can I plug in at a public station without actually charging?]

Anyone else discover parking or other perks they will gain with the purchase of their Model S?

No cost, according to the guy at the store in the Houston Galleria. Looks like first- come, first served. At this location the people in the store wouldn't know how many spots/chatters are available because the store is far from the parking garage.

That's "chargers"

@kalikgod that has not been my experience in my area. Generally, even free chargepoint charge stations require a smartcard swipe before it will even release the J1772 connector for use. You have to have a credit card on file to get an active smartcard from chargepoint.

Especially the newer charge stations tend to behave this way and my guess is that you will see this more and more as time goes by for the very reasons being discussed. It won't be long before there are many times the number of EVs on the road compared to now and the number of charge stations will almost certainly lag the rate of growth in cars.

I don't expect this "perk" to last long. The areas where EVs already have relatively high penetration, strong affinity for green tech, a desire to reward green users and strong demand for parking like the banking district in San Francisco are already nearly impossible to find availability of charging stations.


There's an advantage to living in Houston :)

kalikgod & I are probably going to have VIP parking for years yet.

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