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Pilots buying Model S?

Saw this old item from the NY Times:

I find it interesting that they note a correlation between pilots and electric vehicle ownership. I fly a '74 Commander 112 out of Oakland CA.

Question- are there any other pilots on this forum?


I'm not active, but I've got a certificate.

MX2... half the time is up side down

Pilot here. Glass cockpit in both vehicles: Model S, and SR-22.

I am not current but I got my private pilot license in 1967.
In 1972 got a commercial license and instrument, multi-engine and flight instructor ratings. Wife is from Montana so used to fly from Paine Field to her hometown, two hour flight vs ten hour drive.

Haven't been current for the past 3 years. Hoping to get back into it!

Student - 6/72, Private 10/72, Commercial 7/76.

MD-11. Most of the time is right way up!

Air traffic controller,... I have my private but haven't flown in a few years.

Not current, but I have a SEL with instrument.

777 captain at a major airline, already own a Chevy Volt.

I love the idea of the Model S. It's at the leading edge of technology and design.

Order placed, can't wait until delivery!

Both my father and I had previous lives as airline pilots.
I now run my own business, but will always be drawn to aviation.

Took him for his first ride in my P85 today.
He was giddy and said that only a catapult shot had better acceleration.

I'm a pilot , 1000 hrs, instrument rated and also have a Cirrus SR22, I love the new car Tesla has really done some amazing things . That being said coming from the apple world and being a pilot I would like to lock some if their Ui team in a room for a week and show them some things.


Instrument pilot since 1986. I don't know if any of you guys have gone on road trips in the MS yet, but I have done a few. It's almost like flight planning. I check wind direction and speed, and sometimes base my route on that. I get the same feeling I do when I'm flight planning.

Of course all of this will change as the Supercharger roll-out occurs. I'll kind of miss it.

Instrument pilot in an 73 Arrow since 2002. My wife says I fly my MS because every time we go on a trip I am calculating range/performance and mapping out alternate charging locations along the way.

Private pilot as well... Interesting!

I think we have a lot more pilots out there - such as hogfighter (I think that's his username) and isn't Rod from R&B fame also a pilot. There may be something to this thread :-)

Retired pilot with C-141, DC-8, and B-767 experience. Thought I had bought my last car, but the Model S was too good to pass up.

I like to fly. Thought of getting a Volt when they were introduced but became very interested in Tesla. Many fliers love technology and hardware, myself included. Our P85+ is arriving before the end of the month.

I have 1300 hrs, IR & Twin ratings. Flew distance in an Extra 400 & aerobatics in an Extra 300L for many years. Stopped flying since my daughter died - my head is still not clear enough me to be safe in the air. But I hope to get back to it sometime. Looking forward to operating a wingless glass cockpit, though.

I have been a glider pilot for 25 years, 2500 hrs and holder of the 1000km diploma. Currently owns a Ls8t and participate in several competitions every year. As I am located in Norway I have not got my P85 yet, but imagine that my experience with finalglides makes me well prepared for planing road trips with my TMS.

Commercial pilot since 1999. Currently on DHC-8 100/200 and 300. So far there is no other aircraft that better covers our operational needs) Operating mostly on category C airports and 800 meter long runways with up to 39 passengers) Love flying and can't wait to fly my TMS P85 :-)

Former F-16 pilot and currently still in high end business jets. So you see why I loooooove the MS ;-)

SR22 driver... Can't wait for Telsa to make a plane :)

B-737 pilot for the last 17 years in Norway. Vant wait tp get my Model S.

Cant Wait.....
Hos do I edit a post in here?

Wow! Apparently there are quite a few. I should have said that I'm a relatively new ASEL/IFR pilot- private in '11, IFR in '12 and now working on commercial. 350+ hours as of last month. I do most of my own maintenance on the Commander (with a helpful IA) to make it somewhat affordable.

I don't pick my S85 until 6/27, but I think it would be cool to post some Tesla + airplane photos- for those that have drive-on ramp passes :)

+1 for zero airspeed at the gate!

777 pilot, unpatiently waiting for my S.


Yeah definitely pilots have to have a affinity to hardware technology an expensive stuff;-)
Me too- I am a glider pilot licence holder- not active though due to time issues!
I hope to reactive it ASAP- in the mean time maneuvering the S - as soon as it arrives in CH.

Private pilot here with US license. Not active for the moment but planning to get active again this or next year.

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