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Quite price increase and more to come

I found this posted online.

Is it true that Tesla is increasing the price quietly and plans to do more of it in 2014?

Beginning in August, TESLA quietly increased the price for many of the options on the Model S by unbundling many of the features that were packaged together. Among other changes, the “Tech Package” which used to be a $3,750 was lowered to $3,500. However, this package previously included a (now unbundled) feature now dubbed “Premium Interior Lighting”, which is a separate option that cost $1,000. The Obeche Wood Gloss Décor, which was previously included, became a $650 option. These changes along with others increased the overall price of the Model S.

I’m told that TESLA increased the price of these features as it determined the true cost of parts and labor (installation) in its factory. I’m told the 2014 Model S will likely have another set of price increases which is one of the reasons I want to order a new Model S now rather than later!

There is Supply and there is Demand.
Somehow, Tesla is balancing those two incredibly well. I suspect price is just one tool in that bag of tricks. I say "Well done" (and also that I am very glad I had a couple of reservations in last year, the second of which was done after Tesla told me they would raise prices in 2013 for those without a 2012 reservation. If that was "in secret" then they did a poor job of keeping it :) )

You should indeed be humble about that opinion. It's nonsense.

↑↑ is addressed to risquare, of course.

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