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Today is March 2nd. Hopefully TM started producing Red Color Tesla S. Please whoever gets any information on a first production, please post.

@thomas.george1 and @Peter J

I had to call to get my delivery button to show up. Finalized end of Dec 2012, Sequence 16 K. Now set for delivery May 3-17 at the Service Center. (apparently no more home deliveries). P85.

DC@Tesla - who did you call? I've tried calling and get nothing.

P85, #3422, 3/2011, Red

I was assigned a delivery specialist after I finalized. I e-mailed him and got a call back the very next day. Very nice customer care! (Looks like they are following the sequence numbers so you should be in since your also ordered a P85, but it seems location may also matter; I'm in California. Hope you have a a delivery date soon).

Delivery button showed up on April 1 (briefly considered that it might be an elaborate joke),got a call from Tesla on April 3, sent pictures of license and insurance card on April 4. Got the paperwork by email on April 5 and signed tonight (April 6). I have a VIN and a delivery window of 4/13-4/27. Nothing left to do but pay a bunch of money and wait for delivery. Reservation #2198, P60.

Re-sharing this from TMC's red tracking thread. Elon twitter'd a factory pic of the red:

My tentative factory pick-up date is scheduled for this Sat, 4/13, so I hope that is not my car in the picture unless they can speed it along pronto! :-)

Is he allowed to take photos in the factory?


Can't post it here.

Or maybe ...

Who prefers the robo-red? :\

@Brian I prefer the car red, not the robo-red. My big fear was that this red would be orangey, which I associated with cheap sports cars trying to get your attention. It looks like I'm going to love this color. Glad I took the risk and ordered it.

@Brain H - troublemaker! :\

Now that's what we've been waiting for! Thanks Elon.

Got a big surprise tonight. My Experience Specialist (I didn't have a DS) called to say there had been a disconnect between the factory and the delivery people. My car has already entered production with a delivery window from tomorrow (!!) April 10 to April 24. Red button showed up moments later and I'm off to the races. VIN: 8357.

Wow, wow, wow. Shock and awe.

Congrats Ohms.Law!!! Hope I get my surprise tomorrow.

Things are moving really fast now. Sent payment on Saturday (had images of Chevy Chase at poolside - "This is crazy, this is crazy...") Received my temporary registration via Fed Ex yesterday. Had to sign some papers saying I really don't live in California and sent those back today. This afternoon, my car became linked to my app (but the remote access isn't turned on, so I can't see anything). It looks like I will get it within the projected window of 4/13 to 4/27. I can't stand the anticipation!

Won't you miss the anticipation?

Some new pics from the thread on TMC, including stealth shots from behind the fence! :)

Now that makes more sense. You've waited long enough!

Thanks DC@Tesla. I'm not the longest, but entering year three it's sure nice to know that it is finally being built.

BTW I was planning on using Penfed but Alliant has better interest these days (1.49%) and a longer term. I'm doing 72 months. They seem quick and efficient.

What is Alliant's website? By the way I saw your other thread on front license plates. TM sent me a picture of a RED with front license plate holder installed and it looks fine. So, having TM install the license plate holder. Too much trouble (time and money wasted) if the cops give you a ticket.

Congrats to our expectant Red cousins!
Now the wait really gets tough!

Hoping to replace the anticipation with exhilaration!

Couldn't stand the wait for the delivery button, so I caved in and called 888-771-2505 Option 2. My delivery window to LA area is 5/3-5/18. She told me that my "Inside DS" should contact me within 30 days of delivery, or next week.


Completed MVPA today. VIN 8363, Delivery 4/17-5/1...
Anticipating Red!

Factory Tour Friday (4/12), Red MS delivery Saturday (4/13). VIN7773

Congratulations Dean@Fremont! My window officially starts on 4/13. Seems like I have everything but the car; got title the other day and will register soon. Shopping for insurance to beat my current carrier. Just trying to stay busy until the day arrives.

@dubaty I know what you mean about staying busy.....
The waiting seems to be getting tougher as we get closer.

If time is "lengthening", it's because you're paying more attention to each moment. Regard it as a sign of heightened awareness!

Just got the call.
Delivery April 18.
Whoa, that's nearly a whole WEEK!
Heh heh.

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