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Today is March 2nd. Hopefully TM started producing Red Color Tesla S. Please whoever gets any information on a first production, please post.

Delivery in Seattle on Tuesday :-) P85!!! The 20 month wait is nearly over. :-)

Got our VIN # 9328

Multi Red

Delv still a window of 4/26 - 5/10

Got an email from delivery specialist on Wednesday that my 60 pano red would be ready for pickup at the factory on the 26th. When I called today to see how to deliver a check she said I can pick it up tomorrow. What great timing... today is my birthday!!!

Got my MS today!! The red is gorgeous. I have to agree with others who have received theirs that the images on the web do not accurately represent the color. Even owner pictures that have been posted look brighter than the real color. In reality, there is enough depth to give it an air of sophistication - but certainly bright enough to get noticed! Delivery was flawless and I have successfully linked my phone and openers (gate and garage). Nice tip from Tesla on HomeLink: if having trouble finding signal, open the frunk and press your existing remote next to the chrome plates underneath (instead of holding it in front of the car as the instructions say). So much left to learn (and no DS to walk me through it all).

That was an owner discovery that got passed back to Tesla.

Good discovery. It worked like a charm.

Did any of you Reds with Tech package not get the fog lamps at delivery? There is a thread at TMC saying fog lights were "deleted" without warning and replaced by ugly plastic cover.

Got VIN 4/19


Multi Red
Black interior
Obeche Gloss

Delivery beginning 4/22 (Earth Day)

No fog lights and the control is gone from the control screen. I am not even sure the cornering lamp is still there. Will have to try it out.

I got the email last night at 11:00pm PST to call my delivery specialist.
I called this morning.
VIN 9300
Reservation 9271
Multicoat Red
Delivery scheduled for 5/4 in Seattle

Unfortunately my delivery specialists in CA and FL don't bother calling me at all. I am the one that found out that my VIN number is already available last Monday. Not impressed with the service at all. When I obtained my VIN number, I was told last week that my car will be in production line this week. I decided to call this morning just to find out how the process is going on. I was very much surprised to find out that my car is on the way to Florida since yesterday and will be delivered this Saturday. I was happy but very sad that nobody informed me until I called them. At least now I know where the car is and hope that my pick up experience will be better than customers service/ delivery specialist service in California. My VIN 9177 Red Black P85. There was another gentleman BlkCld expecting a car approximately at the same time. Hope to meet you there.

Will pick up at the factory Thursday, 4/25 (it's ready now but I can't get there until Thursday)

tan leather

VIN 9050
P15049 - ordered 12/1/12
Finalized 1/17/13
Delivery Button 4/4/13
Delivery window 4/19 to 5/3

Between Weds-Fri last week, VINs in the 94xx range were released. So, will this week see 10k?

Picked up our car tonight. The red is awesome in the sun!

black leather, carbon
dual chargers

originally #4252
deferred for red, delivered as VIN 8944 in Seattle

20 months from reservation to delivery

Delivery on Earth Day!

Very cool to see it plugged in next to our other electric car, a 1986 Fiero conversion that our son designed with a 30Kwh Lithium -Iron-Phosphate pack.

Happy Earth Day, buddy!

I stopped by Dania Beach store this afternoon. Honestly I am disappointed because the color is different than the original Store Red that was standing next to it. Why Tesla decided to change the original Red color, I don't know. Not a smart decision from my point of view. Store Red has more pearl and brighter and New Red is darker and pretty flat. Some people like it but I am disappointed. Nevertheless I take it on Monday afternoon and hopefully I'll get used to it.

Picking up our Red S tomorrow here at the ATL Service Center. Tesla grin engaged... :)

It is exciting to hear your enthusiasm for your cars!

After seventeen months my wait is nearly over: Friday, May 10th at the Tesla Seattle Service Center.

Multicoat red on black leather with lacewood accent. 60 kwh, panoramic, super and tech.

I have not spent so much energy preparing a room for a new arrival since the baby's room 15 years ago. My garage is spotless and waiting with a gleaming chrome 240 outlet. Though it will not be the only car with Tesla DNA in our two-car garage.

We bought the Toyota RAV4 EV a month ago and sold our Odyssey minivan. The Tesla parts are easy to spot as they are labeled.

My wife has been adhering to the recommended 1000 mile burn in before pushing it. But she could not resist teaching a characteristically rude BMW driver a little respect this week by leaving him in the rear view.

I have decidedly not driven the "baby Tesla" so I can purely experience the switch from my old Saab wagon to electric. Not to mention, I do not want any hard feelings when it is clear only one person will drive the Model S.

@dubaty (and everyone else) - if you haven't checked out the Model S delivery checklist you should.

My P85 Multicoat Red (pano, silver, tech, sound studio, shelf, armor) arrived on Wed 4/24. I was told it is the first MC Red to be delivered in Arizona. Cool.

The HPWC arrived the day before and my electrician was kind enough to come out Wed morning so it was installed and ready when the car arrived. Gotta love it when a plan comes together ...

Needless to say, I am loving it!

@tomcat, there is a chance that I might see you at the Seattle service center. I got the delivery button on Saturday after waiting 17 months, just like you. My delivery window is 5/9 - 5/23. When did you finalize?

85, multi-coat red, pano, air, tech, sound, 19", rear seats

@nickjhowe - Thanks, that's a very helpful document. Fortunately, everything has worked so far. I checked for the cornering lamps and they are there and functioning just fine.

Today I am getting my P85 at 4 pm in Dania Beach Store. VIN 9177. Although I am disappointed that the original Sun Set Red has been changed to more darker Red but I am still excited. Will post some pictures when the sun shows up. Today the weather looks bad. Rain is coming any minute. Not the right time for rain.

Seattle just got a truck load of Red. Seven cars, and mine not included! My car ended up in "End of Line Repairs", which doesn't sound good... Anybody know anything about that loop?

Reservation # P884, 6/14/2009, 60/Pano/Tech/SC/Gray/LW

Peter J,
Any chance you did a little detective work and wrote down the VINs for the 7 reds? My delivery isn't for another week in Seattle, but I figure it is worth asking...

I did not, D, but I would be very surprised if you aren't in that batch. I understand that shipping destination also affects production order. No accounting for my bad luck of a car that didn't pass inspection, though I heard today that it is through the factory and in the parking lot waiting for the next truck heading this way.

I am VIN 9400, if that tells you anything.

What a great post.
I pick up at the factory May 10......
Multi red, 85, pano, air, tech, sound....
Can't wait.....
Even planned my license plate
(is tan too subtle?)
Maybe F-OPEC

Should read is that too subtle?

Is it?

@dsecrist, I finalized January 23rd. Your car sounds great. What's the interior color?

'Hope to see you in Seattle.

"New Red is darker and pretty flat."

Get it out in the sun and it sings!

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