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Reservation to delivery time

Made a reservation for a Performance S, 85kwh, with all except the rear seats & body armor, Blk/Bld with 21" grays. What has been the time from reservation to delivery?

@toto_48313 did you defer? what's your configuration? surprised that you are #5 and you have a much longer wait than most!

I finalized today and they gave me a February/March delivery window.

When should I reach out to Penfed and others for financing, wait until I have a vin or get pre-approval now?

I put down 5K Nov of 2011,
My Canadian # 272,
Got my finalize button the 8 th of Jan, 2012.
Finalized last night
60 kw
Standard suspension
Cloth seats for traction in the corners
Maybe April of May? delivery.


I didn't defer, and my configuration is a Grey perf.
I think the long wait come from the fact that I'm CAN P#5, and there is no general production car delivered in Canada yet.

I'm expecting it in Feb or March...I can't wait more.

I have my reservation # 13,900 have not heard anything yet from Tesla regarding customization and delivery. I called & was told that I should receive a call for order finalization & customization within a week.

Put a deposit November 20

Finalized Today

Delivery April/May P85 Red/Black Res. # 14,277

@E60 - I would get everything ready well ahead of time, as long as that doesn't start some clock with the lender. I was told I would get the VIN about 10 days before my car was done and there would be plenty of time to do the paperwork and wire the money. Then I get a call on 12/29 saying they had my VIN, but the car was also ready, and if I could get them the money on 12/31 they could put it on a truck.

Good thing I had already moved the money where I needed it well before then...

YMMV now that the year-end rush is over, but if it doesn't cost you anything to be ready earlier don't wait.

Approximately three and a half months.

October's paid RN's are being delivered in February for the 85kw.

October to February is 4 months. I reserved 10/2 and have a window of 2/2-2/16.

3-4 months is the corporate target.

I just finalized my order, which I made in December 2012 (I'm a newbie). However it told me that I can expect to have the car in April/May 2013.

Is this accurate? It seems to be very quick. Have other people found that the estimate given them by Tesla is accurate?

@shaneosullivan1 - YMMV, but yes. I was given a delivery window of 12/15-12/31, and it shipped on 12/31 (originaly I was told the end of January, then I answered a questionnaire saying I would be willing to take a 2012 model). Most others who have reported it have had a delivery within their window. I would suspect the further out you are the more variability in the estimate, and particularly if you are waiting on something that isn't shipping yet (such as standard suspension, sunset red, etc).

The production and delivery rates are now totally changed from any experience prior to December. TM looks like it is already close to its 3-4 month order-delivery wait.

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