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Same home charging station for LEAF and Model S?

Hi guys, sorry I'm a noob to EVs and am thinking of the Tesla Model S and the LEAF as a 2nd car. Question is, can I install one charging station in my garage that would be compatible for both? Confused about the SAE standards here...

Thanks - You don't have to dial down the setting to 30A. It will adjust automatically. If you dial it down, you have to remember to reset it the next time you charge at a higher rate. Ref: Owner's Guide Pg. 17.

Where did you get the NEMA 6-50 from

I mean where did you get the NEMA 6-50 adapter from?

I assume from Tesla - it is optional, and needed if you install 6-50 prior to getting HPWC

@pahlemann@seque... | JANUARY 28, 2013: I mean where did you get the NEMA 6-50 adapter from?

My Delivery Specialist brought it by. It was to be included with the car because I ordered the HPWC (which didn't ship with the car). Tesla providers the adapter because they recommend prewiring for the HPWC using a NEMA 6-50 socket.

Thank you

Connected my 14-50 today. Picked up the conduit at Home Depot and the #6 wire from an internet vendor ( . If only they would start making my red performance model

Over at a friends and wanted to use his LEAF charger but the Tesla won't recognize it. He has a EVSE Upgrade charger that will do 240V 16A:

But even after dialing down the car to 16A and using the adapter the port is still blue. Any ideas?

@dsimon - I haven't tried it myself, but from what I've the portable LEAF charger from Panasonic (modified or not) doesn't fully implement the J1772 spec and doesn't work with some cars. The standard wall mount unit from AV works just fine - it's what I use. Try posting/reading on if you want to know more.

...from what I've read... Boy, edit sure would be nice!

@GeekEV - the modified Nissan portable EVSE works fine with my Model S, but I'm not sure why you would use it instead of the Tesla Mobile Connector, which will charge faster.


I just bought the Clipper Creek CS-100 as well and just got it installed yesterday. I did it for the same reasons you did. J1772 is more compatible with many other cars in the future, including SAE combo. I noticed the Tesla Model S is charging at 74A and it says it is adding only 38 miles per hour. Is it what you are getting too? Should it get close 57 miles per hour? The battery was at 50% when I charged it.
Do you get 80A from the CS-100?


@tranduy126 - the Model S should get about 61 ideal miles at 80A @ 240V. If you are only getting 74A, that drops it to 56 ideal miles. Converting to rated miles, and that gets it to 49.

Then, you don't mention the voltage you are getting -- if it is less than 240V, scale it down from there. Finally, the Model S slows down charging as it gets near full. I haven't charged above 40A, but it starts dropping down the current the last hour or so of a standard charge, and I presume it may cut down from 74A even earlier.

I drive a Leaf, my wife gets to drive the Model S. We have a 2 car garage, on one side I have the Blink charger for my Leaf and on the other a plug in for the Tesla.

I am getting 240V/74A. I changed the settings to show energy instead of miles. It shows 18KW which is about right for 74A. I think when you set it to miles it shows actual vs ideal but maybe it also calculates it based on how much watts you use per mile and adjust it.

use the clipper creek cs-100. It can charge the Model S at 74A and your leaf as well using the SAE


Is some type of manual transfer switch possible so I could switch between an outlet for the
MS or the J1772 for my now- sold Leaf. It seems a waste not to keep the AeroVironment after spending $2200 on it. Any thoughts?

Why not just use your J1772 for charging your MS?

My Model S is coming in three weeks and I am installing a NEMA 14-50 in my garage. No need for supercharging as my daily commute is 8 miles to my daughter's school followed by 4 miles to my office and then 6 miles home. Fortunately our circuit box is only a few feet from the garage bay I plan to use for the Tesla so wiring should be no biggie. Here's the question; my office building has EV dedicated spaces with what appears to be a J1722 charge cord coming off the wall. Will the Tesla adapter allow me to plug the office cord into the car while I am at work? The building super hasn't got a clue. I can do all my charging at home of course but having the hook-up at work would basically reduce my energy cost for the car to zero. I get to work by nine and rarely leave before 5 so i'd have 7-8 hours of solid charge time during the day..even if the rate is a bit slower than the 240 volt 40 amp circuit at home.

Anybody out there with a similar situation?

Yes, you can charge from J1772 just fine. Most J1772 chargers are 30A, so you should be able to get a minimum of 120 rated miles worth of charge at work.

The J1772 adapter fits the slots on either side in the glove box, btw.

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