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Save $1500 on Model S Finalize by Feb 25th.

Hello, I put my reservation down under the old pricing in December. I have to finalize my order by Feb 25th to keep the discount. After much thought, I will defer my purchase and place a deposit on the Model X. I live in snow country, Evergreen Co and would hate to have my "S" languishing in the garage much of the winter. So here's the deal, If you want a Model S and are willing to have it delivered in Colorado... We could finalize with my reservation number, get all the options, color, interior and battery size that you would prefer, and you would save $1500. I would take joint ownership of the vehicle and then after payment, quit claim my ownership. Tesla doesn't have to refund my $5000 deposit, You save $1500, and I get $1000. toward my Model X Deposit. Sounds like a Win, Win Win for all concerned. Time is of the essence!, I have to finalize by Feb 25, 2013 to keep the old pricing. Serious inquiries only to my Email:

P.S I spoke with Tesla customer service yesterday and they said that the car should be ready for delivery within 3 months as long as I specify Air Suspension, and the 60KW or 85KW battery pack...

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